Monday, March 15, 2010

Special Report: The Personal Blog in 2010

Armed with hard copy from "The Steve Rubel Lifestream" and Saki Tumi's laptop, I spent a good part of Saturday afternoon tweaking my Facebook page.

Saturday morning as I was bloghoPPing I was thinking about ways to improve my turtle computer's speed, as well as laying plans for a little template and design modification on my blog here. I ran across a couple of interesting posts regarding Entrecard here and here.

After lunch I printed out "Three Ways To Manage Your Attention With Facebook" and jumped on Saki Tumi's laptop to do some Facebook housecleaning. Saki uses FLOCK as a social broswer adn I was able to make FLOCK work on my old WinME PC.
I explain HERE How YOU can run WinXP programs on Win95, 98SE and WinME!!
But you know updating and organizing is better done on a faster more modern machine... I logged into twitgether and up popped a tweet from my old buddy cornyman - something about getting rid of entrecard and cmf ads - so I clicked through and found it was not corny but a chap who wears the hat "dragonblogger" who decided to dump the advert services.

I left a comment and got to thinking about the values of such services and about "getting hits" and "traffic" and all that. I'm looking at my blog more as a writing aide, enabling me to craft articles while at the same time commenting and chronicling events (and people) I'm interested in. So, like Mr. Rubel, I'm beginning to view my online activities as more "social" if you get my drift, with Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and yes - entrecard - all components of a "hub" - for rubel, Facebook is becoming his hub, while for ME, my blog is becoming the hub. But IS THAT A GOOD IDEA? What if I tried to log in one day and my blog was gone? I know people that have had that happen to them! I do have a LiveJournal but admit I really haven't kept it up... I should do a better job there! At the same time, I'm thinking of unveiling a "dial-up" version of my blog... more on that later!

"The Blog 2010" for 99% of bloggers out there should be (and many blogs I've seen since joining Entrecard ARE) "hubs" or - dare I say it? Personal diaries - just like blogs were in the early 2000's! We've gone back to the roots of blogging!

Nowadays, everybody runs ads (to make a little bit of extra money, and that's good) and almost every blogger has either a C-Box or a MyBlogLog widget ... there are a lot of memes and features... things like Music Monday, Wordless Wednesday and Marzie's Fluffy Friday... and y'know what? I LIKE all that stuff!
How do YOU follow your favourite blogs? RSS is yesterday's news! GOOGLE READER is the best way to go, IMHO! Thinking about Facebook as a blogging tool? THINK CAREFULLY! I use Facebook from time to time, but only the "share" option. You can see how it works by checking out this post (look for the Facebook logo and click on it).
So with this blog, I'm walking in two worlds: I'm the "personal blogger" just like you who is writing original articles, sharing links to other blogs, recipes, commenting on current events and pop culture, whining about this and that. I'm also the "pro blogger" - although that in itself entails walking in a few different worlds as I blog from my perspective as a broadcast journalist, pop culture historian and "internet personality."

A: Back when I hosted "Dave Lucas WorldWide" on Capital Region Radio and over the internet (We were pioneers! Streaming and allowing listeners to interact via chat as well as the radio station's toll-free number!) my producer was an amazing fellow named Lance Matthews. He coined the term "internet personality" and when years later someone on another blog labeled ME "internet personality" I decided to keep the tag as it reminded me of the good ol' times I had with Lance and his gal-pal Lisa!
The blog of 2010 is a "personal catalogue" that can be both a gateway to and a reflection of the blogger's activities on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else bandwidth might go!

ARE YOUR WIDGETS DOIN' YA WRONG? I have one hardfast rule for my blog: when a widget misbehaves. Whether it screws up the layout by changing size or breaking frames, adds an annoying pop-out or pop-under, slows down loading time or does something else it shouldn't --- it's gone! I remove it, and it never never comes back. Take a look at your own blog as it loads and watch the bottom left corner. It may help you pinpoint items that are slowing down or adding dead weight to your blog!

ENTRECARDERS: That good advice from the people administering the program is better than they even thought! Keep that widget HIGH up above the crease: I notice that many heavy-loader blogs display the widget below the crease or make droppers have to search for it, only to find it and then discover they can't click on it because it's not 100% there!


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