Saturday, June 19, 2010

HELP! My Blog Traffic is Dropping!

All of a sudden, you have noticed a drop in traffic to your blog. Something wrong iwth sitemeter? Google suddenly ignoring you? Don't despair!

Begin with the basics:
- Check your error logs, although every time you visit it looks like everything is fine but is it dying when you aren't looking? This is probably the most significant one.

- check RBL/blacklists, see if you've been reported for any reason.

- Run a DNS report on your site: it's entirely possible your host has made a DNS change and something may be hosed up.

- Solicit feedback from your readers: Try to discover if visitors trying to get to your blog are having trouble. It could be anything from a AVG upgrade to a browser upgrade that may be errantly blocking or reporting your site in some way.

If it's all good, it might be that all you can do is wait it out. Traffic drops can affect any blog, any time!

In the meantime:

Keep updating your blog, leave some comments on other blogs, engage in social networking... yes, these activities take time but they are well worth it! Don’t let stress bust you. Sometimes, a walk in a starry evening could evaporate all your worries and stresses in life. Take time to enjoy little things that life may offe

When your traffic is down, keep on typing ;)


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