Thursday, June 10, 2010

Write Posts that ATTTRACT Google!

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1 - Paper first! Some of my very best articles were written down on paper, re-written on paper and edited on paper long before making it to the upload stage.

"...you can map out your plan of attack on the piece with a pen. On the screen, each change you make is immediately registered; you lose track of the number of changes you've made and whether they're changes for the better. With the red pen, you can effortlessly strike out a sentence, and then see that mark on your page, reminding you of what you've lost. It is immensely more satisfying to edit with a pen than to edit on the computer. "-Creative Writing Corner
2 - Review your article carefully before you hit the "post" button. Add an image (originals are best, if possible create your own drawing or photograph). And don't foget: think of a GREAT HEADLINE: if you were Googling for the article you just wrote, what would you type in the Google searchbox? THAT is your headline!

3 - Know Your Topic (and how fresh it is) - I can't tell you how many times I run across material that seems to be new but in reality is not. Nothing will lower your credibility as a blogger faster than posting old useless crap. It's like forwarding spam "chicken little warning" emails to friends and then discovering the shocking disclosure has had an internet presence for years and is generally regarded as a hoax. Embarassing!

4 - Copy Not! Never use one of those "pre-written" posts or copy that has been prepared by a blog ad agency. Once the search engines notice your postings are exactly the same as other blog articles, you risk being "blacklisted" and totally ignored by the likes of Google, Yahoo, Dogpile etc. HINT: If you MUST use pre-written copy, revise it and rewrite it so it will be distinguishable from the original. Here's how to create a press kit to boost YOUR blog!!!

If you are quoting / citing material from another blog LINK like crazy, give lots of attribution and don't be afraid readers will forget about your blog and bookmark "the other guy's"!

5 - Read how the "experts" do it. Check out PROBLOGGER: I'm not suggesting you jump through hoops trying to do everything PB suggests. You WILL gather a great deal of knowledge by visiting the site and especially by reading how commenters respond to particular articles. Oh, and you're not Darren (Problogger) and you never will be - just BE YOURSELF - establish your blog as an extension of your own personality. Join and / or get noticed by Technorati, MyBlogLog, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google, Yahoo, Blogbang, Blogoria and the dozens of other wonderful services that can be great avenues of self-promotion for you and your blog!

6 - Comment on other blogs where you can leave your URL behind. And always check the little "email future comments to me" box to gauge reaction to the comments you leave behind. (You can always unsubscribe to the emails later). Today as I was writing this post I left a comment on the blog Problogger:
Now hear this: it's PROBLOGGER and that's why it's so good!

It's Darren's brand. It's he himself. Had any one of you "commenters" written the exact same article, no one would care. You could do (or get another to do) the same amount of digging, tweeting, etc. and you would barely get results.

It's really all about BUILDING your blog (and maybe yourself) as a BRAND: do that and it won't matter how long it takes your blog to load: I have experienced popular "MySpace" blogs where the blogger is making TONS of money selling music or books or e-books through a MySpace page that takes up to 15 minutes to fully load! (That's on HIGH SPEED internet!)

PROBLOGGER just took 10 minutes to load on my dial-up, and still isn't fully loaded.

How to build your blog? What's worked for me after years of blogging is simply putting myself and my blog out there: get friendly with Google products and services. Get your blog noticed by wikio, mybloglog, blogbang, blogcatalog, technorati, zimbio, blogoria et al. Go ahead and Twitter: but remember there a millions of other twitterers twittering!

What surprised me: several times during 2008 (and once this year already) were posts from my blog were cited by incredibly powerful web presences including Technorati, CNN, BBC and The Washington Post. KEEP WRITING and KEEP POSTING. And remember, COPYING is poison: the search engines will eventually find you out and then they will IGNORE you!

Darren is correct: you don't need to tear your old blog down and build upon the ruins. You simply need to be there, everyday, serving your readers, getting your blog's URL out there, and faithfully typing and typing and typing!
You see, there were so many comments after Darren's post I felt compelled to let others know that it's really all about two things: A) Getting your name and your blog's URL out there, and B) Building a solid, bulletproof reputation. That's what Darren has done. And Michelle Malkin. And XiaXue. YOU can do it too - some people can do it faster than others. Like the old NIKE phrase commands, "JUST DO IT!"

HINT: Learn how to locate and remove "nofollow" tags associated with your blog.


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