Saturday, July 31, 2010

Salute - Top 10 Entrecard Droppers July 2010

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome To The Blog-O-Smear!

ALL BLOGGERS. Yup! All of us... we have been desecrated by a fellow named Daniel Cho who writes for SmartMoney.com.

10 Things Your Blogger Won't Tell You

1. "Hardly anybody reads me." - Google CEO Eric Schmidt told a recent gathering of U.K. politicians that the average blog has just one reader: the blogger.

2. "The more companies pay me, the more I like their stuff." - In 2006, Florida outfit PayPerPost sparked controversy by offering to connect advertisers with bloggers willing to drop a company's name into their daily scribbles for a fee (between $4 and $40 per mention). The practice was quickly denounced as online payola, and in December, the Federal Trade Commission weighed in, ruling that word-of-mouth marketers must disclose their sponsorship.

3. "Did I mention I'm not a real reporter?" - Cho blasts bloggers for not being journalists! Go figure!

4. "I might infect your computer with a virus." - Cho gets dirty now, accusing bloggers of having virusses in their blogs and springing them on unsuspecting readers!

5. "I'm revealing company secrets." - Cho tries to make life rougher for bloggers by screaming like a chicken little that all bloggers will rat out their employers. This is simply not true! (He goes on to suggest they blog anonymously!)

6. "Just because my name's on it doesn't mean I wrote it." - here Cho tears apart CEO's: "In 2005 New York City mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer's web log mentioned he'd attended public schools; in fact, Ferrer received most of his education in private Catholic schools. When confronted with the error, his campaign admitted the blog was written by a staffer. Ferrer's predicament was hardly unusual: Politicians, business leaders and other public figures routinely employ ghostwriters to produce books, speeches and, more recently, blogs. One survey conducted by PR consultant David Davis found that only 17% of CEOs who blog do all their own writing."

7. "My blog is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things." - this conflicts with #1, doesn't it? Cho writes "In some blogging circles, scorn for the mainstream media, or "MSM," is a virtual religion. Nonetheless, many bloggers have proven eager to join it when the opportunity arises. Melissa Lafsky, author of the popular Opinionistas blog, was stressed and unhappy as a young lawyer in New York City. As a kind of therapy, she began chronicling daily life at her firm, relating tales of tyrannical partners and sleepless, embittered young associates, being careful not to reveal her identity. Her blog soon built a following, gaining mentions in The New York Times and Slate.com. Eventually, a literary agent came calling, and Lafsky quit her job to write professionally. "

8. "I can control what you see on the Internet." - Cho accuses bloggers of manipulating posts to fool search engines.

9. "Blogging just about ruined my life." Another conflict with #1

10. "I'm already obsolete." Cho infers blogging is a dying art.

Better title for Cho's article: "10 Reasons not to believe anything you read on SmartMoney.com."
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FREE Blog Promotion Tools

Each and every post you write takes time and effort, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice if people actually came and read what you wrote? (*)
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't Give Up On Your Bloggie!

Haven't made much money and visitors are scarcer than hen's teeth? Thinking of giving up on blogging? You might want to read this.
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Get FREE Twitter Followers!

Many netizens when first signing on with twitter are anxious to get going and subsequently make mistakes. One of the biggest you can make is following too many people, with not enough following you back!

One of your first inclinations (after searching for "twitter followers" only to find you have to PAY for them) might be to Google "free twitter followers" or "get free twitter followers" - I already did it for you with the following results :::

Ripped from GOOGLE:

  1. Get more Twitter Followers with TwitterFollower.com - Join now for ...

    Twitter Follower is a service that connects you with Twitter users who will follow you back when you follow them, helping you to increase your follower ...
    www.myfollowfriends.com/ - Cached
  2. Get Twitter More Twitter Followers For FREE

    Grow your twitter followers for free. Just Sign In To Get Started! ... TwitterFollowersFree.com is Not Affiliated With OR Endorsed By Twitter.com.
    www.twitterfollowersfree.com/ - Cached
  3. Get Unlimited Twitter Followers For Free - GreedyTweet.com

    GreedyTweet gives you Unlimited, Targeted, Free twitter followers at no cost whatsoever.
    www.greedytweet.com/ - Cached - Similar

(1) - Alarm Bells at StartUp Screen ::: "Twitter Follower - One of the best methods to get more followers, make money online" - there's a box where one must "register" one's name and email addy. There's a video that tries to load, and , because I am trying to access these sites via dialup, I can't get past the opening screen.

(2) - EXTRA LOUD ALARM BELLS - this site wants my twitter name and password. No way, Jose!

(3) - This seems better - "Username = Twitter username. Password: non-Twitter for security." So far, so good. But then I read this: "Only your Twitter username is needed; your Twitter password should NOT be used to signup. Contact us to delete your account.

Our software will detect if someone removes themselves from your follow list (waits to unfollow you after you follow them) and stop you from following them preventing spam accounts from simply adding you to their spam list. This doesn't mean you will be removed from following people who don't follow you. You can still follow whoever you like, whether they follow you back or not, it simply removes those that stop following you."

STOP RIGHT THERE. In the past I've signed up for things online that I regretted later - things that made changes to other things that could not be undone.

So what's the best way to get FREE TWITTER FOLLOWERS? e-mail your friends, colleageus, old classmates and let them know you are on twitter. Splash your twitter handle on your blog or website and your social network of choice, be it Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, hi5, WHATEVER! You might also want to include something like "Follow Me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/yourtwitternamehere" as an e-mail (and possibly cell-phone SMS) signature! You can also tweet like a SuperStar - that'll help a lot!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dawn's Work at Home Blog is Back

After a long hiatus, Dawn is back! She has several excellent money-making articles in the blog archives, so check 'em out!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ed2's Summer Promo 2010

READERS! Here's a GROUND FLOOR opportunity! Be among the FIRST to sign onto this one!


How to Join:

  • A blogger with multiple blogs can join.
  • Participating blogs should have at least a Page Rank of 1.
  • Blogs should be active – updated at least daily twice a week. (I shouldn’t be that strict.)
  • Blog owner must have a Paypal Account

What you should do:

  1. Grab our badge code which can be found here. You can choose from a 160 x 60 badge (small rectangle) or a 125 x 125 (square) button and post it into your sidebar.
  2. After grabbing the code, sign up here.
  3. Write down all of your participating blogs on the form. (You can always come back and add more blogs)


Only blogs with badges will be noted.
Badges should be visible during the giveaway period.
You should be referred by another blogger and not refer your own blog.



$1 for every PR2 up Blogs YOU refer

(for the first 200 blogs referred)

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Quicker Browsing

Would you like to have a no-frills browser to speed up the content while online? Not for dropping EC's or clicking on adgitize ads, but just for research and gathering info? There are a couple of old browsers still around that may be of some help. I recommend you download and save copies of BOTH while they are still available!

The first is "Off By One" browser. Would you like to absolutely blaze thru Google searches (including image searches)? Go to offbyone.com and download the wonderful little "Off By One" browser. It is a thoroughly independent online/offline Web browser that loads and runs quickly and reliably on all Windows systems.

I open it up when I want to look thru a webpage or blog QUICKLY, without waiting for all the bells and whistles to load in Firefox, Chrome or IE. OffByOne is a secure browser that protects your identity when browsing and leaves no track of where you've been. Best of all, there are no pop-up, pop-over or pop-under advertising windows. OffByOne browser can run directly from a floppy, CD, ZIP etc. without installation. It hasn't been updated in awhile, but I think EVERY blogger should have one!

Off By One Browser Features (taken from its homepage)
1) Implements full HTML 3.2 support plus many HTML 4.0 extensions, including Frames.

2) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support provided by optional OpenSSL libraries for secure navigation to https:// addresses.

3) Incorporates a tabbed browsing interface.

4) Extras include image animation, WAV and AVI playback and the ability to automatically launch external applications for file types that are not supported internally.

5) Packaged in one self-contained 1.2 MB application. Can be compressed down to about 460KB for distribution.

6) Completely self-contained, does not require the presence of any other browser.

7) Does not require any installation, browser can be run directly from a CD or over a network.

8) Has a unique Find-In-Files feature that can search the non-tag text of multiple HTML files.

9) Has a unique image zoom option.

Off By One Browser Limitations
No JavaScript support (so no pop-up ad windows)... No applet, plug-in or Flash support.

The second browser is called Lynx. Lynx is a text only browser. Version v283 is available as a FREE, quick download as it does everything you'll need, and more importantly doesn't do anything a search engine spider can't do. This particular version of Lynx should work in most versions of Windows NT, 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP, and Vista.

Most people are able to get Lynx up and running after thoroughly reading the instructions below. Sorry, I can't offer installation support - I just don't get time to answer emails these days.

Installation Instructions
Read the 'readme.txt' and other help files included in the package for more information.

Make a folder on the top level of your C drive called lynx_w32
Unzip the contents of the lynx_v283.zip file into that folder.
Make a shortcut to lynx.bat* and place it on your desktop.
Double click the shortcut. Lynx will open with google.com as the home page.
*Can't find lynx.bat? In Windows Explorer try selecting the tools option at the top of the window, then select Folder Options. Click the "view" tab, then un-check the box for "hide extensions for known file types".
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Healthnutwannabeemom OUT of Entrecard!

UPDATE! Good News! The HealthNutWannaBeeMom has been removed from Entrecard due to TOS violations.

Don't WASTE your EC credits on any blog "open to invited readers only."


Report this blog and any others where you either cannot find a widget or your browser crashes because of a clicksor popup by clicking RIGHT HERE!
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Jumpstart Your Blog!

Now is the time to get going. Get more traffic. Get more advertisers. Get recognized! The following links will improve your blog ONE THOUSAND PERCENT!!!!!

How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year

10 Ways To Become A Famous Blogger!

Building a Better Blogosphere -or- Where to Start!
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Friday, July 2, 2010

FamousBloggers.net Hear Me Out

Guest post by Ms. Pilar Tiang
Writing Typing as a veteran internet user (1989) and blogger (2003), trying not to be disrectful, cynical or off-the-map critical: FamousBloggers.net is more accurately named FamousBloggers.NOT. Please hear me out and I will explain why.

Posts on the FamousBloggers blog purporting to give tips and advice border on the absurd. They are ridiculous. They might have made more sense, perhaps, in 2005. And the commenters! Did they just ascend from apes? Were they "born yesterday" - or - freshly hatched? Some I reckon are newbies who have never been on the internet before. Others are downright delusional and cannot spell simple English words. Yet they look up to the FamousBloggers as if they were gifts from the gods.

Let me make one thing perfectly transparent - I am not, have not been, and probably never will be one of the "A-List" bloggers, that "cream of the crop" group dating from 2004 who just happened to set up their little digital outposts ahead of the crowd. Once firmly established, they wrote the "rules" and set the standards, shutting the digital doors on everybody else.

In my eyes, the ProBloggers.net crowd is a microcosm of pop society. Well-intentioned, wonderful people but misguided netizens. And they remind me of the "MySpace crowd" that completely screwed up the blogosphere when the up-until-then wonderful Technorati declared circa 2005-6 that "MySpace Pages" were blogs, when in fact, they were not. Had T'rati not made that particular blunder, they'd be right up there with Google, YouTube and Twitter today. But they did. And there's no going back in Cyberspace. That's a post for another day.

You may be familiar with the old saying "once bitten, twice shy" - I am not trying to insult or injure you FamousBloggers.Netters. You blokes are simply on a different plane of cyber-existence than myself and millions of other netizens. Think of the way human societies developed over the ages on different continents. Look back to the year of 1800. Compare western society at that time with China, India, Africa. Different people, developing their own unique cultures with particular laws or rules and traditions. You FamousBloggers are rookies, newbies, the "wet behind the ears" minor-league farm team, but that doesn't for one minute mean you are any less than any one of those mighty A-List Bloggers! I say, "More Power To You!"

Your timeline is different than mine. That's no reason we cannot co-exist as digital neighbors. And KNOW THIS: 10, 15, maybe 20 years from today, you blokes will be scratching YOUR heads over the next wave, the next generation of bloggers or tweeters or social networkers or netizens or whatever name they will be tagged with by that time. You will likely be amazed and at the same time disillusioned by the technology they employ to connect online.

When you are there, and when the moment is just right, you'll remember this article. And you will understand why I wrote it.
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The 15 Commandments of Blogging

Ask yourself: WHAT SETS MY BLOG APART FROM MILLIONS OF OTHERS? Hold that thought. Come up with anything good? CLICK HERE! THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!

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