Friday, July 2, 2010

FamousBloggers.net Hear Me Out

Guest post by Ms. Pilar Tiang
Writing Typing as a veteran internet user (1989) and blogger (2003), trying not to be disrectful, cynical or off-the-map critical: FamousBloggers.net is more accurately named FamousBloggers.NOT. Please hear me out and I will explain why.

Posts on the FamousBloggers blog purporting to give tips and advice border on the absurd. They are ridiculous. They might have made more sense, perhaps, in 2005. And the commenters! Did they just ascend from apes? Were they "born yesterday" - or - freshly hatched? Some I reckon are newbies who have never been on the internet before. Others are downright delusional and cannot spell simple English words. Yet they look up to the FamousBloggers as if they were gifts from the gods.

Let me make one thing perfectly transparent - I am not, have not been, and probably never will be one of the "A-List" bloggers, that "cream of the crop" group dating from 2004 who just happened to set up their little digital outposts ahead of the crowd. Once firmly established, they wrote the "rules" and set the standards, shutting the digital doors on everybody else.

In my eyes, the ProBloggers.net crowd is a microcosm of pop society. Well-intentioned, wonderful people but misguided netizens. And they remind me of the "MySpace crowd" that completely screwed up the blogosphere when the up-until-then wonderful Technorati declared circa 2005-6 that "MySpace Pages" were blogs, when in fact, they were not. Had T'rati not made that particular blunder, they'd be right up there with Google, YouTube and Twitter today. But they did. And there's no going back in Cyberspace. That's a post for another day.

You may be familiar with the old saying "once bitten, twice shy" - I am not trying to insult or injure you FamousBloggers.Netters. You blokes are simply on a different plane of cyber-existence than myself and millions of other netizens. Think of the way human societies developed over the ages on different continents. Look back to the year of 1800. Compare western society at that time with China, India, Africa. Different people, developing their own unique cultures with particular laws or rules and traditions. You FamousBloggers are rookies, newbies, the "wet behind the ears" minor-league farm team, but that doesn't for one minute mean you are any less than any one of those mighty A-List Bloggers! I say, "More Power To You!"

Your timeline is different than mine. That's no reason we cannot co-exist as digital neighbors. And KNOW THIS: 10, 15, maybe 20 years from today, you blokes will be scratching YOUR heads over the next wave, the next generation of bloggers or tweeters or social networkers or netizens or whatever name they will be tagged with by that time. You will likely be amazed and at the same time disillusioned by the technology they employ to connect online.

When you are there, and when the moment is just right, you'll remember this article. And you will understand why I wrote it.


Dave Lucas said...

Interesting POV, Pilar, but I believe Famous Bloggers is a great place for new bloggers to try their wings and get the word out about their blogs! BTW: I notice your old blogs have disappeared. What's up with that? Do you currently have an active blog or blogs?

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