Monday, July 26, 2010

Get FREE Twitter Followers!

Many netizens when first signing on with twitter are anxious to get going and subsequently make mistakes. One of the biggest you can make is following too many people, with not enough following you back!

One of your first inclinations (after searching for "twitter followers" only to find you have to PAY for them) might be to Google "free twitter followers" or "get free twitter followers" - I already did it for you with the following results :::

Ripped from GOOGLE:

  1. Get more Twitter Followers with TwitterFollower.com - Join now for ...

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    www.myfollowfriends.com/ - Cached
  2. Get Twitter More Twitter Followers For FREE

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  3. Get Unlimited Twitter Followers For Free - GreedyTweet.com

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    www.greedytweet.com/ - Cached - Similar

(1) - Alarm Bells at StartUp Screen ::: "Twitter Follower - One of the best methods to get more followers, make money online" - there's a box where one must "register" one's name and email addy. There's a video that tries to load, and , because I am trying to access these sites via dialup, I can't get past the opening screen.

(2) - EXTRA LOUD ALARM BELLS - this site wants my twitter name and password. No way, Jose!

(3) - This seems better - "Username = Twitter username. Password: non-Twitter for security." So far, so good. But then I read this: "Only your Twitter username is needed; your Twitter password should NOT be used to signup. Contact us to delete your account.

Our software will detect if someone removes themselves from your follow list (waits to unfollow you after you follow them) and stop you from following them preventing spam accounts from simply adding you to their spam list. This doesn't mean you will be removed from following people who don't follow you. You can still follow whoever you like, whether they follow you back or not, it simply removes those that stop following you."

STOP RIGHT THERE. In the past I've signed up for things online that I regretted later - things that made changes to other things that could not be undone.

So what's the best way to get FREE TWITTER FOLLOWERS? e-mail your friends, colleageus, old classmates and let them know you are on twitter. Splash your twitter handle on your blog or website and your social network of choice, be it Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, hi5, WHATEVER! You might also want to include something like "Follow Me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/yourtwitternamehere" as an e-mail (and possibly cell-phone SMS) signature! You can also tweet like a SuperStar - that'll help a lot!


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