Monday, July 19, 2010

Quicker Browsing

Would you like to have a no-frills browser to speed up the content while online? Not for dropping EC's or clicking on adgitize ads, but just for research and gathering info? There are a couple of old browsers still around that may be of some help. I recommend you download and save copies of BOTH while they are still available!

The first is "Off By One" browser. Would you like to absolutely blaze thru Google searches (including image searches)? Go to offbyone.com and download the wonderful little "Off By One" browser. It is a thoroughly independent online/offline Web browser that loads and runs quickly and reliably on all Windows systems.

I open it up when I want to look thru a webpage or blog QUICKLY, without waiting for all the bells and whistles to load in Firefox, Chrome or IE. OffByOne is a secure browser that protects your identity when browsing and leaves no track of where you've been. Best of all, there are no pop-up, pop-over or pop-under advertising windows. OffByOne browser can run directly from a floppy, CD, ZIP etc. without installation. It hasn't been updated in awhile, but I think EVERY blogger should have one!

Off By One Browser Features (taken from its homepage)
1) Implements full HTML 3.2 support plus many HTML 4.0 extensions, including Frames.

2) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support provided by optional OpenSSL libraries for secure navigation to https:// addresses.

3) Incorporates a tabbed browsing interface.

4) Extras include image animation, WAV and AVI playback and the ability to automatically launch external applications for file types that are not supported internally.

5) Packaged in one self-contained 1.2 MB application. Can be compressed down to about 460KB for distribution.

6) Completely self-contained, does not require the presence of any other browser.

7) Does not require any installation, browser can be run directly from a CD or over a network.

8) Has a unique Find-In-Files feature that can search the non-tag text of multiple HTML files.

9) Has a unique image zoom option.

Off By One Browser Limitations
No JavaScript support (so no pop-up ad windows)... No applet, plug-in or Flash support.

The second browser is called Lynx. Lynx is a text only browser. Version v283 is available as a FREE, quick download as it does everything you'll need, and more importantly doesn't do anything a search engine spider can't do. This particular version of Lynx should work in most versions of Windows NT, 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP, and Vista.

Most people are able to get Lynx up and running after thoroughly reading the instructions below. Sorry, I can't offer installation support - I just don't get time to answer emails these days.

Installation Instructions
Read the 'readme.txt' and other help files included in the package for more information.

Make a folder on the top level of your C drive called lynx_w32
Unzip the contents of the lynx_v283.zip file into that folder.
Make a shortcut to lynx.bat* and place it on your desktop.
Double click the shortcut. Lynx will open with google.com as the home page.
*Can't find lynx.bat? In Windows Explorer try selecting the tools option at the top of the window, then select Folder Options. Click the "view" tab, then un-check the box for "hide extensions for known file types".


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