Saturday, November 27, 2010

Entrecard INDEX Nov. 27-28 2010

Here's a new feature you'll see on select blogs only! A report on the status of the Entrecard program, along with buying and selling tips. Instructions on how to include this report on your blog are listed at the end of this article.

By RaeJean Palmer

Pick of the day: ShengysDelight



64 - 16 - 128
Th Fr Sa

A strong rebound for US-based blogs following the Thanksgiving holiday. Blogs that stumbled and were available at "bargain rates" mid-day Friday are now back up in four figures. Many caught up on dropping late Friday evening after ignoring EC during the holiday and the "black friday" shopping day.

Overnight Results

+AdMaster 2048/8192
+Beaded Tail 1024/1536
NCEast Coast Life 1024/1024
NCFitness Diva 1024/1024
+Orient Lodge 1024/2048

Southeast Asian blogs stayed flat with a few exceptions. "Wishing On A Falling Star" is very very popular with US bloggers on the EC network and followed US blogs upward: (this blog is a wise purchase at any price!)
Wishing on a Falling Star


768 - 1024 - 1536
Th Fr Sa
Where to buy adspace today? Look for European and Indian blogs, many at their lowest EC rate in weeks.

An analysis shows your best value for credits today is ShengysDelight, currently selling at 128

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