Friday, November 5, 2010

Snooki Sex Tape

I've just "reserved" a place on search engines by using what I call a "keyword headline" that will attract visitors to this blog for days, weeks, months - even years - to come, whether or not a "Snooki Sex Tape" ever exists!

When you create a truly excellent post, the very first thing you should do is "test" your title: the name you give to your post can make a world of difference later on! HOw do you test it? Go to google. Now look at your post. What is it about, who is it about, and what do you think the majority of people who search for infromation about that particular person or topic are going to be looking for, i.e., how will they phrase that search? Perhaps others have already been looking for it. Google's "preview" will give you a list that should be a good indicator of what you want your post title to include. Now, follow through. Look and see what some of those searches produce. Take it a step further by going to blogsearch.google.com, click on "Search by date" and see if any other bloggers have written about your topic in the last 48 hours. Next stop: www.google.com/trends to see if any keywords from your post appear on the hotlist (or if there are any words you can add to your post to make it fall in line with the hotlist!)

I discovered an article that takes through all of the remaining steps. Although it appears to be aimed at new websites rather than individual posts on existing blogs, the advice it gives is well worth following. IT IS HERE. Good Luck, and please comment back to let me know if you decide to apply these techniques and if they do indeed work for you!


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