Thursday, December 9, 2010

The INDEX is UP!

Here's a new feature you'll see on select blogs only! A report on the status of the Entrecard program, along with buying and selling tips. We're looking to build our network! Instructions on how to include this report on your blog are listed at the end of this article.

By RaeJean Palmer

In analyzing a weeksowrth of performances, these are the blogs we recommend you buy adspace on over the next three days:

The Mommy Chronicles
on sale at 512 - should go to 4 digits by Sunday

Not John Chow
underpriced at 16 ec - get it now!

And here's our STAR PICK:
Wishing On A Falling Star
this one is usually in 4 figures - buy now until it goes over 2048 - it is one of the best value for ec blogs on the market!

This index is good thru Sunday December 13, 2010!

(c)2010 MindMuscleSoftware and Alternative Connections.

Want to run the EC INDEX on your blog? Permission granted! It's as easy as mouseover, highlight, cut, paste! Just don't leave anything out, and be sure to include my byline and copyright data, and leave a link to your post in the comments section on the Adgitizer blog!

BONUS! Drop Entrecard Directory


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