Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Zogby Interactive: High Speed Internet Tops Other Technologies as Most Impactful Development of Past Decade

A Zogby International interactive survey finds adults agree that the expansion of high speed internet has had the greatest technological impact on society over the past decade, and it is the technology most believe they cannot live without. The poll of 1,950 adults was conducted from Dec. 8 - Dec. 10, 2010.

Facebook came in a close second (22%) to high speed internet (24%) as the technology having the most impact on society over the past decade. Google was third on that list with 10%. Women (27%) and adults under the age of 55 find Facebook the most impactful while men (27%) and those over 55 say high speed internet has had the greatest impact on society. Adults aged 35-54 are split between Facebook (25%) and high speed internet (24%). Young adults, aged 18-24, find Google (25%) as the second most impactful invention of the past decade, with Facebook (28%) being first.

Of the technologies most say they cannot live without, high speed internet comes in first at 28% and email is the second at 18%. Facebook garnered only 3% among all adults. However, 15% of young adults (aged 18-24) say they cannot live without Facebook.

The complete survey results are here.


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