Monday, March 21, 2011

My Adventure With MailChimp

So why exactly did I choose MailChimp?

For practical reasons I find their free trial version more economic than all email providers.

Stay under a subscriber list of 500 or below and you don’t have to pay a cent. This appeals to people who’s on a. on a budget, b. just using a list for a small number or c. is just trying out for a newsletter without having to give in credit card numbers and upfront payments.

With the free trial account, you also get 3,000 email sends per month. Well, even if it’s limited in a sense, 3,000 seems to be more than enough for one month’s worth of campaign

Of course you get the perks too of using the services of a great, reputable company (and the security that comes with it). Companies like Mizilla and Fujistu use it.


Toyin O. said...

Thanks for sharing:)

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