Friday, April 29, 2011

Are YOU an Adgitizer?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Link Like A ProBlogger!

And no, it's not a link from Matt Drudge or The New York Times website... nor is it an accumulation of thousands upon thousands of links. Would you like to know what the strongest and the most powerful link is? I'll give you a hint: it's something YOU can easily give but seems as if it is almost impossible to receive. Put simply, you have the power to give it away but getting it back represents a difficult link-building scheme at best!

SEO gurus will most definitely not agree with the adgitizer on this one!

So, cutting to the chase, as one might say, I will now reveal what for me is the best link that any blogger could ever get...

The strongest and most powerful link is
the link with your name as the anchor text.
Let's call it, a "name" link...

The world's most successful bloggers are linked by name. Think about the number of times you have seen links to Xiaxue through the anchor text "Wendy Cheng" or to johnchow.com through "John Chow". Once again I tell you, you can easily get it but in return, it's hard for you to have one yourself.

OK, What's With the Name Link?

Name links by themselves cannot build much seo goodness, BUT they can (and do) build authority, reputation, trust and branding and all the things that you can't even imagine in a single link. It's all there.

Name links build...
familiarity among bloggers
popularity among readers
authority among all

I frequently get requests from bloggers begging to link to them through capricious anchor texts like "make money online" or "blogging tips" because they get caught up in the keyword competition. Sometimes they even include the keywords in their very names like "Baraki @ spybytes" for instance. That's all right. Keep in mind that keywords are just a matter of a search engine algorithm usage and not a tool for readership building: sometimes you must choose between which applies best to your standards.

No offense meant for those employing keyword names. This post
certainly has dropped any concerns for seo. I'm musing on my
experienced observations as to how pro bloggers rack up
their links, which in turn, might prove beneficial to others.

Having said that, every time someone links to this blog with the anchor text "adgitizer," it seems more special compared to the hundreds who have linked with "secrets of great blogging". Well of course I'm not setting aside the fact that it had greatly helped in the SERPs results.

The Hardest Link of All

The issue with the name link is that no matter how hard you try and how large your link campaigns go, name links doesn't fall under the category of links that you can easily work or ask for. Either they develop by themselves or they just don't.

Name Links Don't Come Easy, but you might as well try
branding your blog by picking a particular name
not mixing up keywords with that name
using the name in email signatures

Maybe this is also the reason why I prefer to link to bloggers using specific brand names. Don't you think it's high time you pay attention to building your name links? And by the way, than all of you who have linked to my blog through the anchor text adgitizer.
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