Saturday, August 6, 2011

Integrate your Facebook and Twitter streams in Google+.

Ever wished that you could integrate your Facebook and Twitter streams in Google+... NOW YOU CAN! It's easy, requires a little bit of software and some tinkering, but it's well worth the efforts! The following is from the blog 7CHIP.COM :
For Chrome users

1.Install SGplus on Chrome
2.Install it
3.Click on Lets Get started
4.Next:Loggin in to a Social Network:Click Next
5.Next Posting status:Click Next
6.and continue clicking

After this you will get a SGplus icon on the top of the browser,nearer to Google chrome settings

7.Just click on it

Then Click on Facebook and Twitter buttons and sign in .Enable all the features of Facebook and Twitter.Some advance functions needs fees.But we can do normal functions with out any fee.

Now Click on Facebook and Twitter buttons and update your status.Then login to Facebook and Twitter to view this status update.

Streaming Facebook updates and Twitter updates inside the Google plus

For Mozilla Firefox users

1.Install "Start Google plus" add-ons
2.Size of the Add-ons:1.30MB
3.Install it
4.Restart browser.
5.Follow Chrome steps in Mozilla Firefox.

SG plus button :Top of the browser nearer to the Firefox Home button

For Safari Users

1.Install safari extension for SG plus (I found some problem.So install with your own risk)
2.Install it.
3.Restart computer .


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