Friday, November 11, 2011

Add VIDEO to your Google Page!

Google Plus has started its "pages" feature. This you already know unless you've been offline for an extended time. Have you made a page for your website/blog? http://plus.google.com/pages/create Tip: The blog category is under arts & entertainment.

Once you have a page set up you can add a video to it. I'm not talking about one that just gets added to your stream, but one that stays in your pages info. Once you're page is set up go to it's front page, click the videos tab, and upload a video from your computer. You must share the uploaded video for it to appear in the section AND it will only be available to the circles you shared it with - so I shared mine with the general public. My thinking is that you probably won't want to upload every vlog you make to that section because it's time consuming, but it's a great place for an about video, promotional video, or just a good example of your content.

Google Plus allows you to share videos in your stream at any time with a YouTube link - as expected since Google owns YouTube. ;) Just another way to get more watchers for your video.


siryoz0 said...

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