Sunday, December 30, 2012

Change a blogger or blog*spot post into a page

  1. Go into the Posting / Edit Posts tab, and edit the post that you want to convert.
  2. When the post-editor opens, choose Edit HTML mode (top right hand corner)
  3. Select all the contents of the of the editor window (click in it and press Ctrl/A), and Copy them.
  4. Choose Posting / Edit Pages tab (Press Ok if the system asks if you want to leave the page without saving)
  5. Click New Page.
  6. When the page-editor opens, enter a title (this is what shows up on the Pages menu, and in the Title field inside the blog if you're showing it.)
  7. Check the Post Options values:  comments and backlinking if you want them, interpreting vs just showing HTLM - also, set Edit HTML settings to Convert)
  8. In the editor, choose Edit HTML mode (top right hand corner)
  9. Paste (Ctrl/V, or Edit/Paste from the browser menu):  this puts the contents from Step 3 into the Page.
  10. Choose Publish Page from the bottom left corner.
  11. Choose an option for how you want the Pages Gadget to appear
  12. Press Save and Publish.
  13. View your blog, and make sure that you are happy with the new page.
  14. Optional:   Go back to Edit Posts, and Delete the post that you have converted.  (If you don't delete it, remember that you now have the contents in two separate places:  the original Post, and the new Page).

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Abridged History of Google Panda Penguin

This is a re-blogged guest post by Matt Beswickwhich originally appeared on kikkolani.com

Every year, Google quietly releases hundreds of refinements to their search engine algorithms. Most of these updates are small, incremental changes that go largely unnoticed. The major upgrades, however, receive serious coverage by mainstream news outlets and bloggers alike due to the momentous impact that they have on the broader web at every level.
Though more than a year has passed since its inaugural rollout, the effects of the infamous Panda update of 2011 are still being felt today. Impacting nearly 12% of web search queries right out of the gate, it was responsible for traffic declines at websites both large and small in a matter of hours. To fully understand how the latest Google updates work and why they were necessary, some history is in order.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog Roll of Journalism Organizations

Resources: Blog Roll (via Emergency Journalism)
Journalism Organisations Pulitzer Centre for Crisis Reporting BlogThis award-winning journalism organisation has a blog that features news articles and opinion pieces from its staff, with a strong focus on under-reported issues, the center’s activities, and educating journalists. The Poynter Institute…

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little LEVERAGE for you and your little blog!

Dragonblogger's exquisite Justin says that by whatver name you call it: MicroData, RichSnippets, Rich Data - you should be using it to give your blog OOMPH!

Intelligent Bacon blog agrees with Dragonblogger and posted this wonderful bit of advice!

The folks at iBacon advise "Don't listen to another word of babble from those know-it-all web gurus!"

They go on to offer a link to a printable version of Dragonblogger's LEGITIMATE and FREE way to make your blog a better blog - and it is SANCTIONED by Google!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blog Action Day 2012 is Near!

The theme for Blog Action Day 2012 is …

October 9, 2012
The theme for Blog Action Day 2012 will be (drumroll please) …

“The Power of We”

We choose this theme for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the popularity of the your suggestions; Community, Equality, Transparency/Anti-Corruption and Freedom, in our theme poll.
Secondly, The Power of We is a celebration of people working together to make a positive difference in the world, either for their own communities or for people they will never meet half way around he world.
So, what what will I do for my Blog Action Day post, I hear you ask?
Well, you might profile someone or a group who inspires you by the way they made a positive influence, talk about your own efforts to make change with others, or highlight a cause that is successful for using people power to make a difference.
There are hundreds of examples you could choose from such as fighting for healthier meals for kids in schools, protecting people’s rights in countries far away, stopping practices in industries that hurt the environment and communities, challenging authorities to listen and act for the people, ensuring people small-scale farmers get fair deals, the rights of women and children are  protected and many many more.
You might even want to discuss the strategies and tips of how to organise to encourage other people to make change happen on the issues they care about, or make it easier for them to join in existing groups.
As Blog Action Day get’s closer (just under seven weeks away) we will be highlighting the thoughts of our NGO partners, previous Blog Action Day participants and interesting individuals have about our theme, and ask them to provide suggestions and materials that you can use for your blogs on October 15, 2102.
Over the next few weeks we will be increasing our communications with a weekly email to people who have registered to take part in Blog Action Day, as well as regularly updates, content and opportunities via our website and social media channels.
The team at Blog Action Day can’t wait to see what you all blog about and we really hope that you enjoy taking part in Blog Action Day on October 15, 2012.
Jason and Karina from Blog Action Day.
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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Power of PR (Public Relations)

The Power of PR (Public Relations)

Get WORD OUT about your product, service or specialty - make it a "press event" --- the most important thing of all, after crafting a clever news release, is to have clearly defined up-to-date contact information --- and MAKE DAMN SURE that if people call your telephone number or send you an email or IM that they will get an IMMEDIATE REPLY. An hour or two is fine, but not 5 or 10 hours later and certainly not the next day.  Someone who is on deadline needs to speak with you NOW!!!!

"If I only had two dollars left I would spend one dollar on PR."
Bill Gates -- Founder of Microsoft

Some of the best services to use for online press releases is PRWeb, PR Newswire, PR Leap, and PR Free

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Looking For Google's Cache?

Look no farther! http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:type the url without the http prefix here
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Dave Lucas: Farewell Entrecard, RIP

Read full history - Dave Lucas: Farewell Entrecard, RIP

Death of a Blogging Community

Friends, EntreCard is no more.
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Missing Links?

How To Conduct A Link Audit

Find out what's really going with YOUR blog or website!
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Friday, September 7, 2012

How to use Followerwonk to Grow Your Twitter Account

Recommended by crazy totally nuts self-absorbed people who think they are blogging gurus!

@seomoz ::: This is over-the-top. Use only if you are totally obsessed with and/or posessed by twitter.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In Case You Need It: Post To Blogger Skip The Interface

Are you worried about being able to post on your blog with that super-slow, cumbersome, resource-draining ridiculous new blogger editor interface? I became quite worried earlier today and decided to do a little research! Thankfully, the good bloggers at Blissful Life and twblogpost have already done the legwork:

  1. From Google Docs

  2. Email from Computer; Email from Cell Phone / Mobile Device;

  3. SMS from Cell Phone; Using Jott from a Cell Phone

  4. From BlogThis! bookmarklet (the quick way to recommend web pages)
    To set up blog this bookmarklet, BlogThis! <-- drag this link to your browser's Links bar
  5. From iGoogle using the Blogger Posting Gadget
  6. From Gmail using the Blogger Posting Gadget
    Setting up this takes a bit longer.
    1. Go to Gmail Labs Settings
    2. Enable "Add any gadget by URL", the last option in the list.
    3. Save preferences
    4. Now find the Gadgets tab in settings.
    5. Enter the follwing URL in the "Add a gadget by its URL:" option
    6. Now you will be able to see the gadget along with your chat and invite options.
  7. Through email posting.
    1. Go to blogger dashboard.
    2. Click on the mail icon to the left of your blog name.
    3. Replace 'SecretWords' with words, letters or any other secret code of your own.
    4. Remember the whole email id. (yourdomain.yoursecretwords@blogger.com)
    5. Send a mail to this email id; the subject will be the title and body the content of the blog post thus created.
    6. To further edit settings go to Settings | Email
      Tip: Put #end at the end of your mail to avoid unnecessary additions by your mail program.
  8. Through Blogger Mobile.
  9. Through Microsoft Office 2007.
    1. Run MS Word.
    2. Select New from Office Tab.
    3. Choose New Blog Post from Installed Templates.
  10. Through Ping.fm.
    1. Create an account at Ping.fm
    2. Add your blog to ping.fm account
    3. Now you get some 14 alternative ways to update your blog through ping.fm.
    4. Use @bl prefix to post only to your blog
  11. Through Scribefire firefox extension.
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

How To Blog For Google in 2012

MAKE YOUR BLOG SUPERGOOGLE FRIENDLY - get that welcome mat out there right now! In April 2012, Google released the Penguin algorithm update...

Edit Content for Google Penguin -
  1. Be certain that your target keyword is contained within your post's title.
  2. Add that same keyword as an H1 tag into your text content.
  3. Add your keyword somewhere in your text as a H2 tag.
  4. Add your keyword into your text content as a H3 tag.
  5. Bold your keyword somewhere in your text.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT! Add an image into your post or page. Name it whatever you like. But be sure the alternative text field (alt-tag) of the image is your keyword.
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My 10-Step Strategy for Getting 1,000+ Views on EVERY Blog Post – A step-by-step strategy that we use here at BuzzBlogger.com for getting 1,000+ views on EVERY blog post.
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Threadsy, Swaylo acquired by Facebook

Threadsy started out as a way to bring your Twitter and Facebook streams together, but pushed its focus on Facebook full-time. It has been scooped up by Facebook.
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Smug Little Mr. Zuckerberg

Things are changing for wunderkid Mark Zuckerberg.
If only, they say, he had just had the good sense to leave facebook alone before all the ch-ch-changes were made!
Wanna keep a running tally on how badly the smug look is being wiped off his face? Take a look at Facebook's books ::: Mark Zuckerberg's Wealth-o-Meter constantly tracks his total shares (503.6 million as of Friday 5pm) held after the IPO, multiplied by Facebook's share price ($19.06 at Friday's market close) Read more »
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Make Your Own Infographic

Here's a handy guide to creating your own snappy little infographic!
Go Ahead!
Be Original!
Be Daring!
Be innovative...


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another reason you should buy and keep an 'old fashioned" pc or lappy

Avoid advice given by well-meaning but poorly-informed "blogging gurus" like Kikolani - SEPERATE you online accounts! NOW read a chilling preview of what can and will happen - "In the space of one hour, my entire digital life was destroyed. First my Google account was taken over, then deleted. Next my Twitter account was compromised, and used as a platform to broadcast racist and homophobic messages. And worst of all, my AppleID account was broken into, and my hackers used it to remotely erase all of the data on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

In many ways, this was all my fault. My accounts were daisy-chained together. Getting into Amazon let my hackers get into my Apple ID account, which helped them get into Gmail, which gave them access to Twitter." ~ Mat Honan
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#blogher2012 wrap

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Improve Your Blog With FREE Internet Tools

Make use of free Internet tools to improve your site
This convenient listing gives you essential tools at your fingertips. You can use these free Internet tools to search for important information, add functionality to your sites, install neat buttons, check your site ranking and more.

  • AddThis--bookmarking/sharing buttons
      • Backlink Tool--create up to 500 backlinks to your website and ping them for free with this free backlinking tool
        • Contact Me--offer site visitors a way to contact you.
                • LinkWithin--show your other blog posts with thumbnails at the bottom of your posts. A great little tool for cross-promotion
                • Picnik--resize your photos for you articles with PicNik
                • Pingoat--ping and increase your blog's popularity
                    • Self SEO--find your IP address, how many of your pages are indexed, and more
                    • SpyFu--What's your keyword worth? Learn which keywords are profitable.
                          This list is a work in progress. I'll be adding more items as I discover them. Keep checking back for the latest free tools for webmasters and bloggers.
                                If you found this listing of free Internet tools helpful, please share it with others.
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                                Sunday, July 29, 2012

                                Bloggers Helping Bloggers: Hesham Zebida Gets His Domains Back

                                Thanks to united effort, a blogger who lost everything has gotten it back... WHAT WILL HESHAM ZEBIDA do differently, now that he has a second chance?
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                                Wednesday, June 27, 2012

                                10 Skype Chat Tricks for Power Users

                                If you're deeply into Skype or are planning to install it on your computer or smartphone, there are a few "tricks of the trade" you may want to avail yourself of!

                                Amy-Mae Elliott presents a wonderful sideshow available through the Mashable Blog. This is something you should print and keep!
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                                Tuesday, June 5, 2012

                                Entrecard Loses Another

                                Another blogger bails from EC - READ IT HERE!
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                                Wednesday, May 30, 2012

                                HTML Slideshow Code For Your Blog!

                                “Audio Slideshow with jPlayer” - Until recently, slideshows with audio required video or Flash. HTML5 is changing that.
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                                Wednesday, May 9, 2012


                                Twitter Suite and Business Social Tools

                                • Sprout Social – easy to use dashboard to manage your social efforts with attractive analytics.

                                • Social Oomph – a complete Twitter automation and analytic Tool, free version also very valuable for keyword analysis reports, follow backs, and reporting.

                                • Timely – an interesting app that analyzes and schedules Tweets based upon the best time to deliver them.

                                • Tweetag – browse tweets via tags and receive e-mail notifications.

                                • Tap11 – real-time intelligence and engagement platform for Twitter and Facebook.

                                • Twaitter – social media suite handling scheduling of tweets, statistics, other info.

                                • Twollo – targeted follower building tool based on keywords with auto-follow.

                                • BufferApp – build a targeted list of tweets that it will intelligently deliver over the course of the day.

                                • Radian6 – valuable monitoring and analytic tool.

                                • TweetBig – another good suite with auto follow-back, tweet scheduling, analytics, and other stuff.

                                • CoTweet – tool to help empower teams to monitor and engage with customers across multiple accounts

                                • Mutual Mind.com – an enterprise level social media management platform.

                                • TweetSpinner – manages followers, rotates profiles, archives and schedules tweets.

                                Twitter Account Analysis Tool

                                • My Tweeple – twitter account evaluation tool, followers counts, ratios, tweet counts, also allows you to review recent tweets (See what your followers are saying), follow-back, hide or block new followers, create tags, notes and share, good tool to export your entire follower list to a csv file.

                                • Twitter Counter – good twitter analytic and comparison, statistic tool, it also has some good blog scripts and twitter tools

                                • Twitter Grader – analyses your twitter account on a 0-100 score, computed based on how complete your profile is as well as the number and influence of your followers. Also shows top users in categories, good basic stats.

                                • Tweet Stats – graphical representation of your twitter activity including time of day posting, interface used etc.

                                • Tweeple Twak – supposedly track your friend gains and declines, site is up, but can’t see what it does.

                                • Twit Graph – this one is similar to TweetStats, but weaker and it has more advertising.

                                • Twoolr – another twitter analytic tool.

                                • Twitter Ratio – it let you find out your friend to follower ratio.

                                • Retweet Rank – it provides a ranking on the number of Retweets you have.

                                • ManageFlitter – it provides clean up and manage who you follow, find out who isn’t following you back, which inactive accounts you follow, it allows you easily search inside your Twitter stream.

                                • TwentyFeet- excellent summary of stats across multiple sites.

                                • Klout – an excellent app to track and rate your social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to follow).

                                • Empire Avenue – this one is similar to Klout, only more complicated with a “virtual investment game” built in.

                                • Crowd Booster and Peer Index – are good analytic tool as well.

                                Polls and Surveys on Twitter

                                • Lazy Tweet – find answers to your questions by posting “@lazyweb” or “@lazytweet”

                                • Twitter Answers – another question site with a nice layout so you can easily get answers to your questions.

                                • Twitter Polldaddy – a complete poll and survey site that also offers Twitter options.

                                • Twittpoll – join some twitter polls and receive the results in 24 hours

                                Twitter Integration with Your Blog or Website

                                • Add Tweets – make Twitter update widgets for site or blog using javascript.

                                • Feed Tweeter – integrate Twitter with Plurk, your blog and delicious.

                                • Loudtwitter – ships your tweets to your blog.

                                • PingTwitter – automatically update your Twitter account when you publish a new blog post.

                                • Twitter Counter – add this option so people can easily tweet information from your site or blog.

                                • Twitter Tools – a wordpress plugin that lets you integrate Twitter with your blog. You can send your updates to your blog as well as create tweets directly from your blog.

                                • Twitter for WordPress: Script displays latest tweets on your blog.

                                • Twitterfeed – post your blog to Twitter through your RSS feed.

                                • Remember the Milk – manage tasks on Twitter as well as set notifications for yourself.

                                • Twittercal -integrate your Google Calendar with Twitter

                                • My Chores – track your chores.

                                • Planypus – make plans and export them to Twitter.

                                Twitter Advertising Networks

                                • Twittad – place advertisements on your profile

                                • Magpie- advertise with 5 tweets and get paid.

                                • TwitCash- scheme to make money on twitter.

                                Twitter Backup Utilities

                                • Tweetake – backup your twitter account.

                                • Twitter Safe – another place where you can backup your account.

                                Twitter Firefox and Other Plugins

                                • TweetStalk- a firefox addon that allows you to follow and stalk people without them knowing it.

                                • Hootbar – formerlly Twitterbar, powerful way to post messages from address bar.

                                • TwitterLine- a headline toolbar for Firefox.

                                • Yoono – supports updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, GTalk AIM.

                                • Shareaholic – share webpages with your friends on Twitter, it can be integrated with your Firefox Browser.

                                • Twitbin- a Firefox extension that allows you to post and receive tweets via the Sidebin.

                                • TwitterFox – sits in the status bar of Firefox, send updates and keep an eye on your friends.

                                • Echofon For Firefox – another sidebin extension.

                                • iTwitter – iGoogle gadget that have ping.fm, twitter videos, twitter news, twitter tips, twitter tools and more.

                                SmartPhone Apps

                                There are lots of smartphone Twitter Apps, here are a few of them.

                                • Tweetlogix – easy to manage multiple accounts etc.

                                • Echofon – another good iphone app.

                                • Tweeter – got to have a jailbroken iPhone, but an awesome app to quickly pull up an app and tweet images, video, location, etc.

                                • Seesmic – a nice app that allows you to easily log on to multiple Twitter, Facebook accounts.

                                • Hootsuite – one of the most popular tools out there.

                                • Twitter for BlackBerry – With this app, you can easily stay connected to the information and people you care about.

                                • Boxcar – good app that does push notifications for multiple social sites.

                                • Twidroid – an application for Android mobiles.

                                Integration With E-Mail / Messaging Applications

                                • Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin- integrate twitter with your Yahoo Messenger.

                                • Twittermail – part of TwitterCounter, it allows you update twitter, send images, and longer tweets via email

                                • Twinbox – update Twitter with your Microsoft Outlook.

                                • TwitEmail- it allows twitter users to send HTML emails with attachments.

                                Simple Web Based Clients and Twitter Viewing Tools

                                • Twitter.com – the official Twitter website, so can’t go wrong with web and smartphones etc.

                                • Twalala – online browser beta Twitter tool that allows you to filter out or mute tweets you wish to ignore.

                                • Hahlo- another good web based and iPhone optimized site where you can view tweets and tweet.

                                • iTweet – similar to Hahlo – auto updates.

                                • TwitStat- mobile web client.

                                • Dabr – another mobile web client.

                                • Splitweet – allows multi account Twitter management.

                                • Twimbow – in alpha, but it seems like an interesting web based browser if you can get an account.

                                • TweetVisor – interesting new activity based web twitter client

                                • Twazzup Reader- good web based Twitter client.

                                • Accessible Twitter – Twitter UI optimized for disabled users and intended to be easier to read.

                                • Qwitter Client – accessible Twitter client designed for access by the blind via a user’s screen reader.

                                Directory and Top User Search Tools

                                • Tweetfind – Twitter directory with social Listings, Twitter lists and tools.

                                • TwitterPacks – answers the question: If someone were joining Twitter today, who might they follow?

                                • Start4all – directory of Twitter related web pages.

                                • FollowerWonk – search Twitter profiles by keywords and sentences, you can compare two users as well for overlap.

                                • Twiends – tool to grow your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube following by trading likes.

                                • Fan Page List – social media directory of Twitter and Facebook brands, celebrities etc.

                                • Increasr – this one is very similar to Twiends, a Twitter follower tool.

                                • Just Tweet It – a twitter directory sorted by interest.

                                • Twitaholic – lists top 1000 Twitter Users by followers.

                                • FameCount – active users on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

                                • Twellow - the Twitter yellow pages, you can find people by area of expertise.

                                • We Follow – find celebrities and follow-up people and key areas of expertise.

                                Cool Ways to See Your Tweets and Followers

                                • TwitterFountain – very cool way to view tweets by person or keyword in real time on big screen.

                                • TwitterCamp – nice way to view tweets on a big screen or monitor.

                                • Twit100 – it provides an unique view of the last 100 tweets from your followers.

                                • TwitArcs- an interesting visualization tool to see how a user’s tweets are connected.

                                • Twitter Spectrum – visualization tool that shows how two keywords are connected via Twitter keywords.

                                • TwitterBrowser – it lets you browse ones friends graphically.

                                • Twitterfall – an interesting real time browser of Twitter activity by keyword, user and etc.

                                • Twylah – an on-lin Flipboard type view of your Tweets, it is in request only Beta.

                                • MentionMap – a very interesting “mindmap” type view of mentions by username.

                                Tools for Follower and Unfollower

                                • Does Follow – simple tool to see if one person follows another person.

                                • Manage Flitter – clean up and manage your followers, it also has some analytic stuff.

                                • Tweeter Karma – see who you are following that is not following you and visa versa, you can mass follow those you don’t follow.

                                • Qwitter – get a daily report showing unfollowers.

                                • Twerp Scan- interesting way to drill down into who you or your followers are following.

                                • Twitspam – track and report Twitter and social network spammers.

                                • Is Now Following – tracks when you add new followers and tweets it.

                                • Fllwrs- keep track of your followers and unfollowers.

                                • Twitoria – it shows activity of the people you’re following to stop if they haven’t tweeted in a while.

                                • FollowCost – what’s it “cost” to follow someone – how frequently do they update their tweet.

                                • Just Unfollow – unfollow those that are not following you.

                                • IsFollow – find out who is following who by entering in two usernames.

                                • Tweet Find Tools – good free tool to unfollow people that don’t follow you, it also has tweet scheduler.

                                • Friend or Follow – another app to see who doesn’t follow you and visa versa.

                                • Tweepi – another list cleanser.

                                • Unfollowed Me – find out who unfollowed you.

                                Digests Of Social Activity and Summarized Reports

                                • Gist – a great app that tracks activity and tweets for your contacts across all social platforms, it has integration with Outlook, iPhone, Android and more, definitely worth to check it out.

                                • Nutshell Mail – it delivers a nice daily e-mail report of your Twitter, Facebook, and social media activity.

                                • Twilert – a good free app that provides a daily digest of tweets via e-mail of search terms and people.

                                • Tweet Beep – keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates via keyword tracking.

                                • Stream Spigot – creates a digest of tweets for a person or list delivered via RSS or a web page you can visit daily.

                                Track The Latest Trends and Tags

                                • TwitLinks – the latest links from the worlds top tech twitter users.

                                • Twemes – see worldwide tag and trends.

                                • Topsy – real time search for Twitter.

                                • Monitter – Twitter monitor which watches up to 3 keywords in separate columns in real time.

                                • Trendistic – see trends in Twitter, trending tags, 24 hour, 7/30/90/180 day graphs.

                                • Twazzup – realtime search results from Twitter.

                                • Twitturls – find out the latest URLs posted on Twitter.

                                • hashMASH – let you find and sorts similar hashtags based upon activity.

                                • Twitscoop – see key trends and events on Twitter, post Tweets in response.

                                • Tweet Scan- it shows top and search keywords.

                                • Tweetmeme – you can see the latest and hottest stories and images on this site.

                                • Twistori – live stream of Tweets showing loves, hates, believes, wishes, etc.

                                • Twitturly – this one is similar to Tweetmeme, see the latest and hottest stories and images.

                                • Twendz – explores Twitter conversations and sentiment.

                                • Twazzup – realtime search results from Twitter.

                                • SearchHash – download range of tweets based upon hashtag.

                                Segmentation and Grouping Tools

                                • Formulists – an excellent app that helps built personal lists for you based upon certain criteria and keywords.

                                • Group Tweet – Tweet with only a particular group of people.

                                • Crowd Status- create and find out the status of a certain group of people on Twitter.

                                • Triberr – you can retweet everything in the groups you join.

                                Twitter Utilities

                                • bit.ly – many twitter apps use bit.ly directly or can leverage their bookmarklets, so can say it is the king URL shortener.

                                • TrueTwit – a Twitter validation tool that helps automate some key services. has both free and paid services, very useful.

                                • Twit Longer – it allows you to send longer Tweets

                                • Ping.fm – extremely valuable service that lets you publish your updates to many social networks at one time.

                                • Visibli – a nice engagement bar that shows your brand above links you share, it also has analytics.

                                • Tweet Burner – track the links that you post on Twitter, URL Shortner.

                                • Twitter Split – interesting script and tool you can install to allow you to track links in tweets you post.

                                • TwimeMachine – way to see all your past Tweets.

                                • Follow Friday Helper – let you easily build thank you & other messages to people who mention, RT, etc.

                                Integrate Twitter with Files and Images

                                • Twitpic – share photos.

                                • Twitvid – share photos and videos.

                                • Autopostr – update your Twitter when you post a Flickr picture,

                                • Twixr – share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone.

                                • Twixxer- share photos and videos on Twitter

                                • MobyPictures – share your images across multiple sites including Twitter

                                Twitter Background Sites

                                Twitter and Music

                                • FoxyTunes – Tweet what you’re listening, watching or reading regardless what player you are using.

                                • Blip.fm – listen to music and tweet it to Twitter.

                                Multi-Platform Clients

                                • TweetDeckone of the best out there, free and definitely worth a look.

                                • TweetPad – visualizes statistics on the source of the incoming messages.

                                • Twhirl, Twinja, and Destroy Twitter – an amazing online application that empowers you with the functionality of Twitter.com from your desktop.

                                Read full history - Tweetorial

                                Tuesday, May 1, 2012

                                How to Increase the Number of People who Read your Blog

                                Read full history - How to Increase the Number of People who Read your Blog

                                Thursday, March 29, 2012

                                There are certain types of e-mails you should never send.

                                Whatever you decide about whether some workplace communications are necessary, don't ever send the emails detailed herein.
                                Read full history - There are certain types of e-mails you should never send.

                                Tuesday, March 27, 2012

                                Submit Your Guest Posts Here!

                                Read full history - Submit Your Guest Posts Here!

                                Tuesday, March 20, 2012

                                Copy Cat Blogger

                                Plagiarization is the sincerest form of flattery, so long as you don't get caught.

                                Ask Kaavya.

                                Don't be a Copycat Blogger!
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                                Friday, March 2, 2012

                                Black Ops Blogging

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                                Thursday, February 16, 2012

                                Make Money Selling Your eBook on AMAZON

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                                Friday, February 10, 2012

                                Better Blogging! Starting RIGHT NOW!

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                                Wednesday, February 8, 2012

                                Get Backlinks For Your Blog!

                                Easy does it!
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                                Monday, February 6, 2012

                                Pinterest For Dummies

                                Everything you need to know about Pinterest and why you should be using it!
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                                Friday, January 20, 2012

                                10 Blogging Tips from the Blogging World Posted by Ashley@EisyMorgan

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                                21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012)

                                Here's a thorough checklist to blog by!
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                                Tuesday, January 17, 2012

                                Make G+ the Top Referrer to Your Blog!

                                Getting content found can be somewhat easy on G+, but only if you’re approaching its features in your favor. Here are a few that will not only get you found by new readers, but also turn the network into the top-referring source of traffic to your blog!!!

                                Note: as of January 18, 2012 the original post has been taken down via re-direct, so it is being posted here as seen on a search engine cache page. There is no intention here to violate any copyright. ~ the staff

                                The fastest growing social network on the planet is still going strong and with the latest announcement of brand pages, there’s an even greater opportunity to growyour community on Google Plus.

                                Getting content found can be somewhat easy on G+, but only if you’re approaching its features in your favor. Here are a few that will not only get you found by new readers, but also turn the network into the top-referring source of traffic to your blog:

                                1. Post Publicly

                                Google Plus really nailed a feature that was greatly desired by the people of social media: Circles. Limited access dependent of your friend-type status. And I definitely think they’re a great feature to have. But Circles really only benefit me when I’m trying to split people up for viewing purposes. When it comes to posting an update, I always post to the Public. Not to a particular circle. Not to just my friends. I want anyone that could possibly be interested in my blog and my content to find it. And posting to the Public of Google Plus is one of the top ways to get that accomplished. (Not to mention the GREAT perks of Google Search optimization!! You know Plus and Search are like besties, right?)

                                2. Tag Users In Your Update

                                When you’re writing a status update for Google Plus, help spread the word by incorporating other Google Plus users. For instance, if you happened to talk about yourfriend in the post or maybe you interviewed another source in your industry, make sure you tag their name in your update because they will see the article directly, and hopefully interact and share it with their communities. Everytime a post is +1′d or commented on, it stays high up in the news stream. So the more people interacting with it, the more new people will see it.

                                3. Attract Attention With Multimedia

                                Google Plus is like Facebook in the way that pictures and video win big. So, don’t let those opportunities pass you by. Instead of just posting the link to your article and letting the predetermined post preview show up, be different. Upload a picture that is relevant to your post, and then explain its relation with a shortened link to your post. There is more likely to be curiousity in clicking the link this way.

                                4. Ask A Question To Drive Conversation Around the Post

                                Give your Google Plus audience a homework assignment, or rather don’t make them read your post at all. The cool thing about Google Plus and engaging it is how comfortable people are to leave comments on their circles’ status updates. So when you pose a question revolving around the content of your post, lead them to want to readyour post first and then come back and join the conversation, but be sure to welcome people who only want to share their thoughts without reading as well. Interaction on yoursocial network, no matter if you’ve gotten the traffic yet or not, will lead to more traffic and interaction in the future.

                                5. Fill Out Your Google Profile In It’s Entirety

                                This is kind of a no-brainer, but you don’t want to have worked so hard to get a bunch of attention from your network and then not have the sufficient information on yourbackground to please your investigative audience. Give them all your contact info and ways to find you so that the interaction doesn’t stop on Google Plus. You want them to have many ways and reasons to visit your blog.

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                                The 15 Commandments of Blogging

                                Ask yourself: WHAT SETS MY BLOG APART FROM MILLIONS OF OTHERS? Hold that thought. Come up with anything good? CLICK HERE! THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!

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