Saturday, January 14, 2012

List of Things To Delete from Your Website or Blog

If you want a good, strong blog with a steady stream of repeat visitors, there are a few items you need to remove from your template or layout ASAP!

♦ Ghost Code and broken widgets. Were you a member of MyBlogLog? You may have some old code somewhere in there on your source page that may be slowing your pageload time - or worse - become a doorway for a hacker to come in and force a pop-up or a re-direct, stealing your readers!

♦ Re-direct widgets - go to your blog from a public computer - DO NOT log on to your Google or Blogspot or Blogger or WordPress account - as you hover over URLs, look in the lower left hand corner of the browser's bottom bar and see exactly what that link looks like: if there is an http://something else followed by your blog link, something is going on that may be affecting your traffic - a lot of advertisers will shun any blog that supports re-directs!

♦ Flash widgets and music that auto-plays when a visitor lands on your page. SUPER NO-NO! Get rid of any and all such garbage. Your load time will be cut by more than half!

♦ Broken Links - Bing and Google will have trouble with routine website indexes if you have too many. get rid of that old blogroll from 2006 as well! You don't need it! And nobody uses TRACKBACKS much anymore, so delete any code for that feature as well!

♦ Duplicate Content - Crappy Content - Design - Frames- and MORE!


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