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HTML Slideshow Code For Your Blog!

“Audio Slideshow with jPlayer” - Until recently, slideshows with audio required video or Flash. HTML5 is changing that.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Twitter Suite and Business Social Tools

  • Sprout Social – easy to use dashboard to manage your social efforts with attractive analytics.

  • Social Oomph – a complete Twitter automation and analytic Tool, free version also very valuable for keyword analysis reports, follow backs, and reporting.

  • Timely – an interesting app that analyzes and schedules Tweets based upon the best time to deliver them.

  • Tweetag – browse tweets via tags and receive e-mail notifications.

  • Tap11 – real-time intelligence and engagement platform for Twitter and Facebook.

  • Twaitter – social media suite handling scheduling of tweets, statistics, other info.

  • Twollo – targeted follower building tool based on keywords with auto-follow.

  • BufferApp – build a targeted list of tweets that it will intelligently deliver over the course of the day.

  • Radian6 – valuable monitoring and analytic tool.

  • TweetBig – another good suite with auto follow-back, tweet scheduling, analytics, and other stuff.

  • CoTweet – tool to help empower teams to monitor and engage with customers across multiple accounts

  • Mutual Mind.com – an enterprise level social media management platform.

  • TweetSpinner – manages followers, rotates profiles, archives and schedules tweets.

Twitter Account Analysis Tool

  • My Tweeple – twitter account evaluation tool, followers counts, ratios, tweet counts, also allows you to review recent tweets (See what your followers are saying), follow-back, hide or block new followers, create tags, notes and share, good tool to export your entire follower list to a csv file.

  • Twitter Counter – good twitter analytic and comparison, statistic tool, it also has some good blog scripts and twitter tools

  • Twitter Grader – analyses your twitter account on a 0-100 score, computed based on how complete your profile is as well as the number and influence of your followers. Also shows top users in categories, good basic stats.

  • Tweet Stats – graphical representation of your twitter activity including time of day posting, interface used etc.

  • Tweeple Twak – supposedly track your friend gains and declines, site is up, but can’t see what it does.

  • Twit Graph – this one is similar to TweetStats, but weaker and it has more advertising.

  • Twoolr – another twitter analytic tool.

  • Twitter Ratio – it let you find out your friend to follower ratio.

  • Retweet Rank – it provides a ranking on the number of Retweets you have.

  • ManageFlitter – it provides clean up and manage who you follow, find out who isn’t following you back, which inactive accounts you follow, it allows you easily search inside your Twitter stream.

  • TwentyFeet- excellent summary of stats across multiple sites.

  • Klout – an excellent app to track and rate your social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to follow).

  • Empire Avenue – this one is similar to Klout, only more complicated with a “virtual investment game” built in.

  • Crowd Booster and Peer Index – are good analytic tool as well.

Polls and Surveys on Twitter

  • Lazy Tweet – find answers to your questions by posting “@lazyweb” or “@lazytweet”

  • Twitter Answers – another question site with a nice layout so you can easily get answers to your questions.

  • Twitter Polldaddy – a complete poll and survey site that also offers Twitter options.

  • Twittpoll – join some twitter polls and receive the results in 24 hours

Twitter Integration with Your Blog or Website

  • Add Tweets – make Twitter update widgets for site or blog using javascript.

  • Feed Tweeter – integrate Twitter with Plurk, your blog and delicious.

  • Loudtwitter – ships your tweets to your blog.

  • PingTwitter – automatically update your Twitter account when you publish a new blog post.

  • Twitter Counter – add this option so people can easily tweet information from your site or blog.

  • Twitter Tools – a wordpress plugin that lets you integrate Twitter with your blog. You can send your updates to your blog as well as create tweets directly from your blog.

  • Twitter for WordPress: Script displays latest tweets on your blog.

  • Twitterfeed – post your blog to Twitter through your RSS feed.

  • Remember the Milk – manage tasks on Twitter as well as set notifications for yourself.

  • Twittercal -integrate your Google Calendar with Twitter

  • My Chores – track your chores.

  • Planypus – make plans and export them to Twitter.

Twitter Advertising Networks

  • Twittad – place advertisements on your profile

  • Magpie- advertise with 5 tweets and get paid.

  • TwitCash- scheme to make money on twitter.

Twitter Backup Utilities

  • Tweetake – backup your twitter account.

  • Twitter Safe – another place where you can backup your account.

Twitter Firefox and Other Plugins

  • TweetStalk- a firefox addon that allows you to follow and stalk people without them knowing it.

  • Hootbar – formerlly Twitterbar, powerful way to post messages from address bar.

  • TwitterLine- a headline toolbar for Firefox.

  • Yoono – supports updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, GTalk AIM.

  • Shareaholic – share webpages with your friends on Twitter, it can be integrated with your Firefox Browser.

  • Twitbin- a Firefox extension that allows you to post and receive tweets via the Sidebin.

  • TwitterFox – sits in the status bar of Firefox, send updates and keep an eye on your friends.

  • Echofon For Firefox – another sidebin extension.

  • iTwitter – iGoogle gadget that have ping.fm, twitter videos, twitter news, twitter tips, twitter tools and more.

SmartPhone Apps

There are lots of smartphone Twitter Apps, here are a few of them.

  • Tweetlogix – easy to manage multiple accounts etc.

  • Echofon – another good iphone app.

  • Tweeter – got to have a jailbroken iPhone, but an awesome app to quickly pull up an app and tweet images, video, location, etc.

  • Seesmic – a nice app that allows you to easily log on to multiple Twitter, Facebook accounts.

  • Hootsuite – one of the most popular tools out there.

  • Twitter for BlackBerry – With this app, you can easily stay connected to the information and people you care about.

  • Boxcar – good app that does push notifications for multiple social sites.

  • Twidroid – an application for Android mobiles.

Integration With E-Mail / Messaging Applications

  • Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin- integrate twitter with your Yahoo Messenger.

  • Twittermail – part of TwitterCounter, it allows you update twitter, send images, and longer tweets via email

  • Twinbox – update Twitter with your Microsoft Outlook.

  • TwitEmail- it allows twitter users to send HTML emails with attachments.

Simple Web Based Clients and Twitter Viewing Tools

  • Twitter.com – the official Twitter website, so can’t go wrong with web and smartphones etc.

  • Twalala – online browser beta Twitter tool that allows you to filter out or mute tweets you wish to ignore.

  • Hahlo- another good web based and iPhone optimized site where you can view tweets and tweet.

  • iTweet – similar to Hahlo – auto updates.

  • TwitStat- mobile web client.

  • Dabr – another mobile web client.

  • Splitweet – allows multi account Twitter management.

  • Twimbow – in alpha, but it seems like an interesting web based browser if you can get an account.

  • TweetVisor – interesting new activity based web twitter client

  • Twazzup Reader- good web based Twitter client.

  • Accessible Twitter – Twitter UI optimized for disabled users and intended to be easier to read.

  • Qwitter Client – accessible Twitter client designed for access by the blind via a user’s screen reader.

Directory and Top User Search Tools

  • Tweetfind – Twitter directory with social Listings, Twitter lists and tools.

  • TwitterPacks – answers the question: If someone were joining Twitter today, who might they follow?

  • Start4all – directory of Twitter related web pages.

  • FollowerWonk – search Twitter profiles by keywords and sentences, you can compare two users as well for overlap.

  • Twiends – tool to grow your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube following by trading likes.

  • Fan Page List – social media directory of Twitter and Facebook brands, celebrities etc.

  • Increasr – this one is very similar to Twiends, a Twitter follower tool.

  • Just Tweet It – a twitter directory sorted by interest.

  • Twitaholic – lists top 1000 Twitter Users by followers.

  • FameCount – active users on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

  • Twellow - the Twitter yellow pages, you can find people by area of expertise.

  • We Follow – find celebrities and follow-up people and key areas of expertise.

Cool Ways to See Your Tweets and Followers

  • TwitterFountain – very cool way to view tweets by person or keyword in real time on big screen.

  • TwitterCamp – nice way to view tweets on a big screen or monitor.

  • Twit100 – it provides an unique view of the last 100 tweets from your followers.

  • TwitArcs- an interesting visualization tool to see how a user’s tweets are connected.

  • Twitter Spectrum – visualization tool that shows how two keywords are connected via Twitter keywords.

  • TwitterBrowser – it lets you browse ones friends graphically.

  • Twitterfall – an interesting real time browser of Twitter activity by keyword, user and etc.

  • Twylah – an on-lin Flipboard type view of your Tweets, it is in request only Beta.

  • MentionMap – a very interesting “mindmap” type view of mentions by username.

Tools for Follower and Unfollower

  • Does Follow – simple tool to see if one person follows another person.

  • Manage Flitter – clean up and manage your followers, it also has some analytic stuff.

  • Tweeter Karma – see who you are following that is not following you and visa versa, you can mass follow those you don’t follow.

  • Qwitter – get a daily report showing unfollowers.

  • Twerp Scan- interesting way to drill down into who you or your followers are following.

  • Twitspam – track and report Twitter and social network spammers.

  • Is Now Following – tracks when you add new followers and tweets it.

  • Fllwrs- keep track of your followers and unfollowers.

  • Twitoria – it shows activity of the people you’re following to stop if they haven’t tweeted in a while.

  • FollowCost – what’s it “cost” to follow someone – how frequently do they update their tweet.

  • Just Unfollow – unfollow those that are not following you.

  • IsFollow – find out who is following who by entering in two usernames.

  • Tweet Find Tools – good free tool to unfollow people that don’t follow you, it also has tweet scheduler.

  • Friend or Follow – another app to see who doesn’t follow you and visa versa.

  • Tweepi – another list cleanser.

  • Unfollowed Me – find out who unfollowed you.

Digests Of Social Activity and Summarized Reports

  • Gist – a great app that tracks activity and tweets for your contacts across all social platforms, it has integration with Outlook, iPhone, Android and more, definitely worth to check it out.

  • Nutshell Mail – it delivers a nice daily e-mail report of your Twitter, Facebook, and social media activity.

  • Twilert – a good free app that provides a daily digest of tweets via e-mail of search terms and people.

  • Tweet Beep – keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates via keyword tracking.

  • Stream Spigot – creates a digest of tweets for a person or list delivered via RSS or a web page you can visit daily.

Track The Latest Trends and Tags

  • TwitLinks – the latest links from the worlds top tech twitter users.

  • Twemes – see worldwide tag and trends.

  • Topsy – real time search for Twitter.

  • Monitter – Twitter monitor which watches up to 3 keywords in separate columns in real time.

  • Trendistic – see trends in Twitter, trending tags, 24 hour, 7/30/90/180 day graphs.

  • Twazzup – realtime search results from Twitter.

  • Twitturls – find out the latest URLs posted on Twitter.

  • hashMASH – let you find and sorts similar hashtags based upon activity.

  • Twitscoop – see key trends and events on Twitter, post Tweets in response.

  • Tweet Scan- it shows top and search keywords.

  • Tweetmeme – you can see the latest and hottest stories and images on this site.

  • Twistori – live stream of Tweets showing loves, hates, believes, wishes, etc.

  • Twitturly – this one is similar to Tweetmeme, see the latest and hottest stories and images.

  • Twendz – explores Twitter conversations and sentiment.

  • Twazzup – realtime search results from Twitter.

  • SearchHash – download range of tweets based upon hashtag.

Segmentation and Grouping Tools

  • Formulists – an excellent app that helps built personal lists for you based upon certain criteria and keywords.

  • Group Tweet – Tweet with only a particular group of people.

  • Crowd Status- create and find out the status of a certain group of people on Twitter.

  • Triberr – you can retweet everything in the groups you join.

Twitter Utilities

  • bit.ly – many twitter apps use bit.ly directly or can leverage their bookmarklets, so can say it is the king URL shortener.

  • TrueTwit – a Twitter validation tool that helps automate some key services. has both free and paid services, very useful.

  • Twit Longer – it allows you to send longer Tweets

  • Ping.fm – extremely valuable service that lets you publish your updates to many social networks at one time.

  • Visibli – a nice engagement bar that shows your brand above links you share, it also has analytics.

  • Tweet Burner – track the links that you post on Twitter, URL Shortner.

  • Twitter Split – interesting script and tool you can install to allow you to track links in tweets you post.

  • TwimeMachine – way to see all your past Tweets.

  • Follow Friday Helper – let you easily build thank you & other messages to people who mention, RT, etc.

Integrate Twitter with Files and Images

  • Twitpic – share photos.

  • Twitvid – share photos and videos.

  • Autopostr – update your Twitter when you post a Flickr picture,

  • Twixr – share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone.

  • Twixxer- share photos and videos on Twitter

  • MobyPictures – share your images across multiple sites including Twitter

Twitter Background Sites

Twitter and Music

  • FoxyTunes – Tweet what you’re listening, watching or reading regardless what player you are using.

  • Blip.fm – listen to music and tweet it to Twitter.

Multi-Platform Clients

  • TweetDeckone of the best out there, free and definitely worth a look.

  • TweetPad – visualizes statistics on the source of the incoming messages.

  • Twhirl, Twinja, and Destroy Twitter – an amazing online application that empowers you with the functionality of Twitter.com from your desktop.

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How to Increase the Number of People who Read your Blog

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The 15 Commandments of Blogging

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