Friday, September 28, 2012

The Power of PR (Public Relations)

The Power of PR (Public Relations)

Get WORD OUT about your product, service or specialty - make it a "press event" --- the most important thing of all, after crafting a clever news release, is to have clearly defined up-to-date contact information --- and MAKE DAMN SURE that if people call your telephone number or send you an email or IM that they will get an IMMEDIATE REPLY. An hour or two is fine, but not 5 or 10 hours later and certainly not the next day.  Someone who is on deadline needs to speak with you NOW!!!!

"If I only had two dollars left I would spend one dollar on PR."
Bill Gates -- Founder of Microsoft

Some of the best services to use for online press releases is PRWeb, PR Newswire, PR Leap, and PR Free

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Looking For Google's Cache?

Look no farther! http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:type the url without the http prefix here
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Dave Lucas: Farewell Entrecard, RIP

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Death of a Blogging Community

Friends, EntreCard is no more.
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Missing Links?

How To Conduct A Link Audit

Find out what's really going with YOUR blog or website!
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Friday, September 7, 2012

How to use Followerwonk to Grow Your Twitter Account

Recommended by crazy totally nuts self-absorbed people who think they are blogging gurus!

@seomoz ::: This is over-the-top. Use only if you are totally obsessed with and/or posessed by twitter.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In Case You Need It: Post To Blogger Skip The Interface

Are you worried about being able to post on your blog with that super-slow, cumbersome, resource-draining ridiculous new blogger editor interface? I became quite worried earlier today and decided to do a little research! Thankfully, the good bloggers at Blissful Life and twblogpost have already done the legwork:

  1. From Google Docs

  2. Email from Computer; Email from Cell Phone / Mobile Device;

  3. SMS from Cell Phone; Using Jott from a Cell Phone

  4. From BlogThis! bookmarklet (the quick way to recommend web pages)
    To set up blog this bookmarklet, BlogThis! <-- drag this link to your browser's Links bar
  5. From iGoogle using the Blogger Posting Gadget
  6. From Gmail using the Blogger Posting Gadget
    Setting up this takes a bit longer.
    1. Go to Gmail Labs Settings
    2. Enable "Add any gadget by URL", the last option in the list.
    3. Save preferences
    4. Now find the Gadgets tab in settings.
    5. Enter the follwing URL in the "Add a gadget by its URL:" option
    6. Now you will be able to see the gadget along with your chat and invite options.
  7. Through email posting.
    1. Go to blogger dashboard.
    2. Click on the mail icon to the left of your blog name.
    3. Replace 'SecretWords' with words, letters or any other secret code of your own.
    4. Remember the whole email id. (yourdomain.yoursecretwords@blogger.com)
    5. Send a mail to this email id; the subject will be the title and body the content of the blog post thus created.
    6. To further edit settings go to Settings | Email
      Tip: Put #end at the end of your mail to avoid unnecessary additions by your mail program.
  8. Through Blogger Mobile.
  9. Through Microsoft Office 2007.
    1. Run MS Word.
    2. Select New from Office Tab.
    3. Choose New Blog Post from Installed Templates.
  10. Through Ping.fm.
    1. Create an account at Ping.fm
    2. Add your blog to ping.fm account
    3. Now you get some 14 alternative ways to update your blog through ping.fm.
    4. Use @bl prefix to post only to your blog
  11. Through Scribefire firefox extension.
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

How To Blog For Google in 2012

MAKE YOUR BLOG SUPERGOOGLE FRIENDLY - get that welcome mat out there right now! In April 2012, Google released the Penguin algorithm update...

Edit Content for Google Penguin -
  1. Be certain that your target keyword is contained within your post's title.
  2. Add that same keyword as an H1 tag into your text content.
  3. Add your keyword somewhere in your text as a H2 tag.
  4. Add your keyword into your text content as a H3 tag.
  5. Bold your keyword somewhere in your text.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT! Add an image into your post or page. Name it whatever you like. But be sure the alternative text field (alt-tag) of the image is your keyword.
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The 15 Commandments of Blogging

Ask yourself: WHAT SETS MY BLOG APART FROM MILLIONS OF OTHERS? Hold that thought. Come up with anything good? CLICK HERE! THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!

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