Monday, February 18, 2013

Google Authorship WordPress Blogspot

Guest Post by Saki Tumi  © 2013

It's all the rage ( for the moment) : getting that coveted "verified authorship" for your blog.

Is it really all that important in the greater scheme of things? Maybe not, but it never hurts to jump on a passing bandwagon, like it never hurts to spend 50 cents on a lottery ticket. Hey, you never know!

 If you blog via WordPress, this set of instructions is the most helpful and easiest to follow and install. If you are on blogspot, go here.

 Next, link your Google+ profile to the content you create!

You can link content you publish on a specific domain (such as www.wired.com) to yourGoogle+ profile.
  1. Make sure you have a profile photo with a recognizable headshot.
  2. Make sure a byline containing your name appears on each page of your content (for example, "By Steven Levy").
  3. Make sure your byline name matches the name on your Google+ profile.
  4. Verify you have an email address (such as stevenlevy@wired.com) on the same domain as your content. (Don't have an email address on the same domain? Use this method to link your content to your Google+ profile)
    Submitting this form will add your email address to the Work section of your profile, which by default is viewable only by your circles. You can keep your email private if you wish. It will also add a public link to the domain of the email address to theContributor to section of your profile.
    Signup for Authorship
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