Monday, September 23, 2013

Make Money With Your Blog's Comments

Guest Post by Dhani Annabi

Exploit Comments to monetize! A blog guru by the name of "Peter" came up with this stunner!"Use comments visitors leave on your blog to make money!" Incredible! Why didn't I think of that?

Peter suggests turning comments into FAQs - especially ones appearing on posts that ask you lots of questions. Then you can make a new blog post detailing how you will answer reader's questions on "Topic X" - all they have to do is purchase your PDF "Report." A blog guru's dream-come-true! Like shooting fish in a barrel!

Now if you've ever posted a helpful article, why the f*** are you helping others for free? Make sure there's something in it for you! Peter says "Create a New Tips Article" which "...makes for great spider food for search engines." Spider food! Who knew!

Good ol' Pete goes on to advise that you must ask the comment authors for permission to compile their remarks. Peter, are you for real? Once that comment goes on a blog, it is public and the blogger can do whatever he wants with it!

Peter then takes a social turn, encouraging you share your information on forums, Facebook pages and "everywhere else that content-sharing is allowed." And don't forget to make them PAY for it - just share a "teaser" or two!

Peter's Conclusion ::: "Most people toss a blog online, publish some content and then wait for the big bucks to roll in. It rarely happens… unless you know all the tips and tricks like the ones I just shared with you." ThanxAlot, Pete!

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Dhani Annabi is an avid re-blogger currently based in Berlin, where she lives with her little dog McTygue.


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