Friday, November 22, 2013

5 Ways to Promote Your Blog!

FIRST – Sorry. But there’s no ‘easy’ way.If there is, I bet you wouldn’t be reading this one in the first place. That’s the very basic thing that every blogger out there should know. As the cliché goes, no pain no gain. Deal with it – promotion takes time. In fact, it takes a whole lot of time that I’ve already seen a lot give up on their blogs just because of ‘promotion difficulties’ (or the lack of it).

SECOND – There’s no once in a while. What we have is ‘all the time’.Considering that you’re not on Technorati’s Top 100 blogs, what really are the chances for you too make it big if you don’t resort to daily promotion? The very reason why after you publish a post you immediately twitter about it (or submit it to social bookmarking sites) is that you’re after a certain attention. You have to seek your market because they won’t come looking for you.

THIRD - The best promotion goal? To be EVERYWHERE

Spamming excluded of course. By all ways and means, get your address splattered across all corners of the interactive web. The more networks you have the better. The bigger your follower count is, all the best. If it means you have to spend a day registering to different sites, then so be it. The goal is to gain an access to as much portals as possible.

FOURTH - It's about HOW MANY

Two words - social proof. The more you have it, the lesser you need to make an effort to promote your blog. Instead of just you, how would you want hundreds or even thousands of other people giving your free promotion with only a little effort from you (like publishing your post). Copyblogger is a good example of a social proof master.

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FIFTH - It's about WHO

A certain Joe telling his readers that your blog looks and sounds great is fine. A hundred or more Joe's telling the same thing about you is even better. But you know what's best? That's oone single referral form a master whom everyone listens too. Think being mentioned by CNN for example. Now what would that do? The answer? Your dream come true promotion heaven.

When it comes to promotion, it's big time hardwork. You could either outsource and hire others to do it but given an effective method and the realization of these simple truths, I don't see any reason for someone to really fail in this. As for me, the simple truth is just to go out there and spread your blog's name. The rest usually follows once you've got your brand recognized.


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