Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Post Ideas: 50 for Your Next 50 Articles!

Blog about you
What are you thinking?
What's the matter with you right now?
Best thing that has happened so far?
Worst thing that has happened so far?
Seen or captured any interesting stuff?
There's this news you've been wanting to tell everyone!
You just learned a lesson today, share it!
Ask how everyone is doing
You have a problem, tell people about it, ask for help.
You're just feeling happy. Why?
What's keeping you busy?
You have had a problem, how did you overcome it?

Blog about something that will make you look like a pro
There's this person you really look up to.
Fire up an interview with a prominent netizen
Tell people how NOT to give up
There's an inspirational story somewhere that you remembered
It's you're 1,000th post! Celebrate!
You're feeling successful, how big is your blog now?
Teach me a new trick today.
Tell me something I have absolutely no idea about
You're just going to launch a special report/book
You're doing a partnership/joint venture with someone right now
Tell me about your expertise without sounding boastful

Blog something that will make you money
Find that newest product being launched right now
Get a discount coupon and share it with everyone
You're offering a really good service
Someone just asked for a review!
Offer to review someone while getting something in return
You really liked this certain theme and will make a review of it
You're making some money out of this new ad network, refer people to it
Give a very special offer that nobody would dare miss

Blog something about your niche
There's a question someone left at your comments section
You've been reading today and found something interesting
There's this handy trick you want to share
There's a big event happening in your niche
You feel like doing a round-up post right now
There's a good post in your archive that you want to resurrect
You're thinking of a Part II for a previous article
Teach very basic, newbie-ish stuff today
How about firing up questions at everyone?

Blog something that can extend your network
You've read a funny/stupid/hilarious/amazing tweet, comment on it
Ask questions at Twitter and make a post out of it
You like the idea of doing round-up posts
There's this new social network that you're excited about
Who are your best online buddies?
There's an important update/change in a certain social network

Blog about random s**t today
(things that people will enjoy reading)
What did your pet do that made you smile?
Traffic today is crazy isn't it?
How are ya doin' on those New Year's resolutions?
That restaurant serves good food! (pictures are important)
Anything about the weather?
Seen anything interesting on tv lately?
Where do you want to head out for vacation?
What's the latest gadget that's caught your eye?
Let's see, are you bored?


No idea? Rinse and repeat! Start reading this post all over again ;)
Here's another 50!


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