Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blog Tune-up!

Have you wondered why you blog at all? Why are you taking time out of your hectic schedule everyday for blogging? Do you wish to be a professional blogger and earn money by blogging? Or do you just blog for taking, ranting, and venting about your boss? You might have lots of reasons for blogging but then it is essential that people read what you want to say and also put comments on it. In order to achieve this goal, I am here presenting five points that will surely help you promote your blog.

1 – Title should be powerful
You might have really good content but no one is going to read it if the title is boring. In this case, the content won’t even get touched. The title must stand out from the crowd and you should communicate quickly to the reader about what he will get if he reads further.

2 – Blog posts should be reader friendly

The blog post should be ‘scannable’ and the readers shouldn’t have to sift through all ‘words’ for getting gist of the content. Here are some ways to make the post scannable

  • Bullet Points
  • Numbered Lists
  • Header Tags
  • Pictures
  • Good spacing between the lines (this is technical CSS stuff)
  • Short Paragraphs
  • Quotes
  • Bold Text

3 - Embellish posts with images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and hence you should put in a picture in all articles. Add your ORIGINAL photos, drawings, charts and infographics. They give some life to the article and social networking freaks will love it especially if it is creative, funny, and relates to the content.

4 - Use videos SPARINGLY

This should be used cautiously because this might get overdone. I put it in my blogs if I think it adds value to my content. Also, you should put small text paragraphs after the video. This shows that you took some time to get the video and it is important from the SEO perspective too.

5 - KISS!  Keep it short and simple

You might have heard this a zillion times but its importance can’t be emphasized enough. The blog posts should wind up in maximum of 500-750 words. Most people out there don’t read more than a couple of sentences. If the article is too long, they will just scan through it. I bet most of you aren’t even reading this sentence!


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