Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blogging SECRETS x 3

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Blogging is a systematic process and most of the new bloggers don’t get it. They simply buy a domain, get hosting account, put in content with a few makeshift graphics and then expect the money to start pouring in. It doesn’t work that way.  Here are a few blogging tips that I’d like to share with you guys –

Give your blog a professional start and do not monetize for the first six months – Do not monetize the blog with things like ad sense scripts. If are a tossing a banner or two, it is fine but I won’t advise you to look for money at the initial stages. In fact, it is recommended that you don’t go commercial for at least one year. Or else your readers might think that you are in the business just for making money. Also, affiliate marketing and ad sense ads can take the readers away from your blog even before they get to know your blog fully. You’d want your readers to be loyal and stay with your through thick and thin right?

Auto schedule the posts – Most bloggers write on the blog on the day that they want them to be published. If you write like this, then you will be under pressure to meet the blog schedule or else the blog might not get updated. I would recommend you to create some buffer by writing 2-3 months in advance and then scheduling the articles to come up on the designated date. This will give you ample time to think about the new posts that you want to write.

Targeted traffic means a lot – 
They say that the key to online success is traffic. But just any kind of traffic doesn’t work. For instance, for betterbloggingforbloggers.com, I target both new and veteran bloggers who want to learn blogging basics and those who are already experts and just want to sharpen their skills. People who are looking for tips on buying clothes won’t be my targeted audience. I would advise you to focus on generating the targeted traffic. Spending your effort and time on it makes more sense.


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