Friday, November 29, 2013

Digital Content: The Wild Wild West

Content theft is a chief concern among bloggers. Here are 5 Easy to Use Tools to Effectively Find and Remove Stolen Content, and here's more: (1) Disable Text Selection [code] and (2) Display a DMCA Copyrighted Content Banner on your blog. Here's an interesting case of content theft: Changeling Rapper Lil’ Kim was apparently caught red-handed stealing the work of a Canadian makeup artist.
Samantha Ravndahl, who is both the model and the artist in a series of pictures, discovered Lil’ Kim is using her work.
“Lil Kim took my photo and is using it as album art (might I add she took the liberty of adding her watermark over it on instagram),” Ravndahl writes on Reddit.   Tsk Tsk - adding a 'watermark' is a real slap in the face...

Lil Kim Before, After and Now Pics

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