Thursday, November 28, 2013

Energize Your Blog!

While running a blog, sometimes it feels like your content marketing strategy has simply worn out. Writing used to thrill you initially but now it is a chore. Readers have started getting on your nerves now and the tedious little tasks are also getting to you. Quitting isn’t on your mind though, all you want is to bring back the magic just like it was in the good old days. Businesses and blogs are like marriages; you need to put in some extra work in order to keep the spark alive.

If you are looking for some ideas for better business blogging, you are in the right place. Here are my few bits –

Learn new things - Remember what made your business look so cool in the first place? It was the learning curve. When you stop to grow and learn, you start dying. It is really important to keep learning not just for your business but also for your self respect.

Do Q&A call - If you are suffering from problems of self-doubt, then I would recommend you to announce Q&A free call for your audiences. You can use the free teleconference services that are available out there for putting the word out. Announce that you are going to answer questions of your readers live. It will surely bring you tons of traffic.

Connect - Go to some of your favorite blogs and commend love on the recent posts. This surely will inspire you to write better content. You need to make some connections and you can start with readers who always drop in comments. Also try connecting with bloggers who has got plenty of readers.

Write manifesto - One way to do this is to sit down and write core values that you business stands out for. If these values do not make you tingle, then chances are that you are not honest. It is essential that you put values that will form a lump in your throat. Don’t just put boring platitudes saying ‘excellent service’.


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