Friday, November 29, 2013

Write A Blog Post in 15 Minutes!

I have been blogging for years and now, I don’t need to spend a lot of time writing my articles. In fact, I finish an article is about 10 to 15 minutes. This article too was completed in under 15 minutes. Some might say that content is the king and you need to pay more attention to it but I never compromise on the quality of the work. It is more about smart work where in you get the same amount of work done in less time. Here are my few bits on how to do it –

1 – Keep a list of ideas – When any inspiration strikes you, scribble it down on a notepad. A lot of writers spend loads of time thinking about what to write. If you keep a list of ideas, you will be able to start writing faster.

2 – Your ideas should incubate – You might throw a brilliant idea away by sitting and forcing yourself to think of supporting information. Instead, let the topic sit for some time and supporting ideas for it will come automatically. You can then start writing about it.

3 – Editing before writing – Once you have a topic in mind, you might have a ton of supporting ideas for it. So it is really necessary to get brutal and kill the supporting ideas that you don’t need. Remember, I am talking about how to write an article in 15 minutes.

4 – Use bullets – Long stories can be pretty boring. Instead, you can use bullets as they are to the point and the readers can easily see what you are trying to say by just looking the points. A lot of people are too lazy to read the entire essay. Short bullets will hold their attention for longer time.

5 – Don’t make it too long – For writing an article in 15 minutes, it is important to wrap it up in 500 words. Don’t let any guilty conciensce prick you saying that the quality is being compromised upon. It is important to weave an article around one topic and stick to that topic throughout.

6 – Do come back later – If you are struck with writers block and don’t know what to do then stop writing. Don’t force yourself to think of ideas. Instead, work on something else and then if some inspiration strikes you, get back to that article. You can also switch from one post to another. The ideas will surely come and you will end up saving a lot of time.

7 – Don’t save good ideas – When you first go through your list of ideas, you might think of saving the good ones for later because they are easy to write. But then you don’t want to save on time; you want to save on time now! Hence it is highly recommended to pick up the juiciest topic and start writing.


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