Friday, December 27, 2013

Should Your Business Abandon Facebook for Google+

It’s clear that business owners have a lot to think about as we continue to navigate the social media landscape! Scroll down the page and click the link below for an expert opinion on this timely topic!

Should Your Business Abandon Facebook for Google+?

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to Make a Blog Post Go Viral in Facebook

When it comes to utilizing Facebook traffic, a lot of us seems to get stuck on just building static fan pages and watching our fan count go up. First off, you’re under-estimating the power of Facebook as a viable traffic source, and second, there’s obviously so much more you can get from it.

In this post, I’ll show you how to make a blog post go viral in the Facebook community. It’s a good trick that every blogger should keep in mind.

Why Facebook is Effective in Making Viral Posts Campaigns

Let’s compare it to it’s closest social network rival – Twitter (yes, forget about MySpace). The problem with Twitter is that even if it’s so much easy to start promoting your posts, the discussion quality is very limited (140 characters) and that it easily disappears into online oblivion once the new tweets start appearing.

Here’s where Facebook comes in strongest.

Discussion is free and unlimited – there’s no character limit and/or restriction to your post promotion as well as to the feedback that you can receive. 

The ability to make it viral – It has Twitter’s tagging feature, only more powerful. Once a person is tagged, every update/comment will be notified to him making him see your campaign for n number of times. Plus, the sharing feature works great too.

Updates and statuses (which contains your promotion campaign) doesn’t easily disappear - In fact, the Facebook strategy is to combine an algorithm of “recentness” and the “activity” that’s happening in the status. 

How to Make Your Facebook Posts Go Viral

The key here is that you have to remember the concept of Facebook. It’s where people choose their private lives to be public. Interaction, connection, activities, and most of all interests.

Therefore, the biggest factor for making posts viral on Facebook is it’s relevancy to real life. By that I mean posts that have a pragmatic purposes, news that are timely and have momentum, facts, funny/entertaining/travel/gossip/technological information and basically just anything that would be of interest to a person. For example, see LifeHack posts.

Be warned, rarely does serious business posts, or those advance technical tutorials work on a facebook campaign.

Remember the keyword: think personal, think interesting.

Steps in Making a Viral Facebook Post

Here’s where having a Facebook Fan Page comes in handy!
If your blog has a fan page, consider being active and having constant interaction with your followers. It works the same way as being active in Twitter. The more people make an effort to see your updates, the more chances for it to go viral

The best way however (in my opinion) is to utilize a personal account. Statuses from personal accounts are published better on your friend’s homepage rather than a fan page status (which always looks like a blatant promotion scheme). 

As you very well know, it’s so easy to start a personal account. But here’s a trick. In your new account, instead of just your name add a tag after. Ex. Jack Sparrow – Blogger of Pirates of the Caribbean. It has a twist of authority appeal added to it.

Start adding your real friends and family (if you like), your avid readers, and anyone who’se interested in your blog topic (hint: check out their interests on the information profile).

Facebook Advertising Anyone?

If you have a bigger budget for promotion campaigns, then Facebook Advertising is another extremely viable method too (with a whole lot faster results). The basics work like any PPC campaign, but the edge of Facebook is it's ability to target real potential readers/clients with it's filtering methods.

It's only available in the fan pages account. Once you log in, you'll see a link offer to start a Facebook Advertising campaign. Guides like the Facebook Formula (a guide for facebook advertising) can show you a clearer picture on how things work.

If you're thinking of a bigger, more advance Facebook ad campaign, something that can automatically create ads in quick time, then read about 4HourAffiliate's  Facebook Ads Manager.

In conclusion,

Organic natural campaign or paid it might be, the bottom line remains the same. It needs to be able to reach out on a personal/emotional level of Facebook users (yes, people like you and me). If you have a dry, corporate like attitude towards your campaign, then forget it. Strike up and do some genuine connection of interest.

That and never ever spam anyone ;)

Written by Liane. Reblogged by the Blogging Warehouse Crew.
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Friday, December 6, 2013

Attract readers to your blog!

You’ve probably heard about this and might not seem new to you at all. It is really important to interest your readers in order to grow your blog. No one will stick around if your blog is boring. So how can you get interesting? Here are my few bits on how to do it.

Surprise people – A great way to make yourself stand out from the rest is to break the ‘guessing machine’ of your readers. You can take surprising position and made outlandish kinda analogy or simply do the opposite of what you do normally. People will certainly pay attention if you are getting unexpected. 

Get funny, make people laugh –Bloggers can get really serious at times. They are so busy with teaching people that they forget to entertain. Hence a lot of readers can fall asleep half way through the post. The best way to avoid this is to use humour according to your audience.

Tell them more about you – A lot of readers are always curious to know more about you. You can write about your experiences or about how you came out with your blog. I just read a blog where in the author had jot down his daily schedule. I have been following that guy for sometime and hence was interested to know how he spent his time.

Get startling by being honest –
 Tell them truth once in a while. Get so honest that you will be scared to hit the post button. I occasionally get so honest that my lawyer starts to feel the heat. Do this once in a while; people will certainly get attracted to it.

Tell an interesting piece of news – A lot of bloggers are writing about latest things that Google is doing. This is great for Google but bloggers aren’t getting any real benefit. Only the first person who breaks the story matters the most. He gets all the links, traffic and authority and rest all is relegated as echoes. 

Predict the future – This too is sure to attract attention. Use your intuitive powers and predict something haphazard about the future. Claim something bizarre that is going to happen soon. People will certainly start talking about you. (written by Liane, reblogged by Charisma Productions LLC)
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