Monday, October 13, 2014

A Peek At Miss Issy's Blogging Briefly: 8 Titillating Tips

(Guest Post by Miss Issy) I have been blogging for years now. I'm a busy girl and I don’t need to spend a lot of time writing my articles. In fact, I finish an article in about 15 minutes. This very piece you are reading clocked in under 12 minutes. You've probably been told over and over and over again that content is king and you need to pay more attention to it, but I don't because I never, never compromise on the quality of my work. How do I do it?

1 – I keep a list of ideas – When inspiration strikes, jot it down in your notebook. Too many writers spend too much time THINKING about what to write. (Remember the advertising slogan 'Just Do It'?) Keep a list of ideas, and you will write faster and better!

2 – I let my ideas marinate in my (moleskine) notebook – let the topic stew in its own juices - you might also want to use your smartphone's voice recorder to add randowm thoughts on the subject matter - you'll be surprised at how easily you'll come up with new angles, interpretations and analyses!

3 – I edit BEFORE putting pencil to paper or stylus to phonescreen – cull the ideas you DON'T need from the meat of your topic. You shoul dbe able to write a finished article in UNDER 15 MINUTES!

4 – I use type fonts, bullets, eye tricks of any and many kinds to not only attract readers, but to entice them to linger on my page and lower my bounce rate in the process! Let's be truthful. Many readers have short attention spans. Fonts and bullets and coloured texts will hold their attention a wee bit longer! A lot of people are too lazy to read the entire essay. Short bullets will hold their attention for longer time.

5 – I make my articles SHORT - 500 words or less! And I stay ON TOPIC.

6 - Miss Issy PHOTOGRAPHS - I keep my smartphone in my purse or pocket. You never know when you might happen on something that will immediately either inspire you or stand out as a good image to associate with one of the articles you've been working on!

7 – Don't become a victim of "writer's block." If you get stuck, do what Miss Issy would do. Take a breather- work on something else. Inspiration will inevitably strike. Just have that notebook or smartphone handy when it does!

8 - Don't "Bank" or "Save" ideas - follow Miss Issy and release them freely - don't be afraid to tweet about your projects. The twitter timestap is all you need to prove that an idea is yours and not someone else's.


Jordan Baker said...

Greats tips to help anyone, Thanks guys, great post and blog!

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