Saturday, January 17, 2015

What Is A Link Wheel (And Why You Need One)

The Link Wheel is a link building strategy using 'backlinks' designed to boost SEO (search engine optimisation), to rank your blog or website higher in Bing, Google, etc. and to attract more targeted traffic. As is the case with most SEO tactics, use link wheels in moderation and over time. It's an ideal strategy for the weekend website warrior and the evening blogger.

A word about "Link Wheel Services" - DON'T go through a link wheel service if your site is not ranked at least on the second page of Google for competitive terms. They're not  effective when your site has little authority or limited visibility, as the powerful boost a link wheel gives the site will look suspicious to Google. IF you are ranking in Google's top 20, the lift from a link wheel will fast-track you onto the first page without any risk of your site being penalized.

Rule # 1 ::: Be careful! Google’s algorithms are specifically engineered to locate link wheeled sites and blogs and delist them. This is meant to be a long term strategy.

 TAKE YOUR TIME.  Before you begin, make sure that you have created high quality ORIGINAL content!

Rule # 2 ::: YOU DON'T NEED SOFTWARE! Here's a guide provided by the legendary blogging queen, Saki Tumi:

A) Write your post and make a resource box with 1 link to your blog

B) Submit this article to an auto-approve directory or blog aggregator***. Better yet, spread the word via Facebook, twitter, weibo... milk social media to your advantage!

C) Now add a 2nd link pointing to the URL of the article you just submitted. Now submit this at another site.

D) Replace the URL in your article to link to the last submission.

E) Go back to 'A'   NOTE: "Deep linking" to internal pages of your website using your desired keywords can boost older pages on your blog: search engines will surmise the page is still relevant and raise its ranks in Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). A good rule of thumb is to try to get a minimum of 3-12 links to every article of choice on your blog and within a short period of time, the inner pages of your site will begin to rank for your designated long tail keywords.


*** Here are a few  blog aggregator sites to submit your work

Submit your pdf document to pdf directories

Just like web directory or image directory there many pdf directories are available over internet. Submit your pdf document to directories and get links back to your website. There are some like


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