Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Download Free Editorial Calendar! ( 2016 Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template and Tutorial )

A Quarterly Editorial Calendar Template (And How To Use It)

I happened across a rather interesting blog article by one David Risley entitled "A Quarterly Editorial Calendar Template (And How To Use It)" - intended for die-hard bloggers or those blogkeepers who may have other daily responsibilities that mandate they squeeze every drop of usefulness out of any blogging time they might have.

Like most folks who come across articles like these, the best way to see if an idea like this will work for me is to try it out. Although the author shares his idea, he does not share (unless you are willing to PAY for it) a ready-to-roll template. There always seems to be a "catch" with these "blog gurus." It always involves money.

Now, there is nothing wrong with asking for money when you perform a service. I charge for my blog critiques. But I am open about it, and don't butter up my reader only to let them down in the end by demanding payment. Okay, "demanding" might be a harsh word - let's swap that out with "requiring."

Invoking the magic powers of Google, I typed "editorial calendar template free 2016" into the searchbox. VOILA!


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